Fisherman Reels In Doll From The Water And Quickly Realizes It Is Not A Toy

Fisherman Reels In Doll From The Water And Quickly Realizes It Is Not A Toy


As a parent, all we want is for our children to be safe and away from possible dangers. Mom and dads spend sleepless nights the moment they welcome the baby into this world. Their goal is to provide their kids the best life they can possibly have by putting their needs on top of their priorities; always before their own wants and needs. But accidents happen. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to shelter them from danger, risks find its way into their lives and there will be instances that it’s gonna come at the most unexpected times.

When a family was enjoying their beach camping in New Zealand, they never thought that their 18-month-old baby would do something that would almost take him away from his loving parents.

Jessica Whyte and her partner Josh, together with their baby, Malachi, were enjoying their first night at the Murphy’s Holiday Camp in Matata, New Zealand. Everything was perfect until chaos erupted. They had a fun day spending a relaxing time in the water and exploring the campsite before sundown.

While mom and dad were sound asleep, Malachi managed to zip his way out of the tent and slowly crawled toward the water!

Several hours later, a man named Gus Hutt was motoring past the toddler’s floating body. During his interview with New Zealand Harold that when he saw the body, he initially thought that it was just a doll. He reached out and grabbed it by the arm and even then, the fisherman still thought that it was just a doll. He looked at his porcelain-like face with his short hair wetted down.

Until the ‘doll’ let out a little squeak and he thought, “Oh God, this is a baby and it’s alive.”

So he pulled the boys’ body aboard and prayed that he would survive the ride back to the shore. Even though Malachi’s body was wet, he was unharmed. Gus brought Malachi to the camp staff and asked for immediate help. Until then, he was still wondering who’s child was this.

He was lucky his questions were answered right away. He learned that one couple at the camp came with a small boy and they were sleeping peacefully just a few feet away, completely unaware that their son almost drowned!

As soon as Jessica heard the news, she shrieked. She shared with New Zealand Harold that this incident almost gave her a heart attack. She said, “I don’t think my heart [beat] from hearing that to seeing him. I don’t think my heart worked.” Thankfully, Malachi did not suffer any harm even though he was in the water for hours. Now, Malachi’s parents always make sure to keep a lock on their tent if ever they go camping in the future.

Toddlers can be very sneaky, if they are not careful, their kids can easily sneak past without them knowing. This is the reason why mom and dads always need to have their eyes on their babies. We should never underestimate their intelligence and capabilities. Who knew that baby Malachi would know how to unzip their tent? Even his parents were dumbfounded by what happened but sure enough, they learned a lesson that day – to be extra cautious and expect the unexpected when it comes to what Malachi can do!


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