Firefighters Watch Animal Drag Baby Out A House On Fire

Firefighters Watch Animal Drag Baby Out A House On Fire


Pitbull has always had a bad rap. People think that they are fierce and scary dog breeds. In fact, many are not recommending pit bulls as house pets. Here’s another story that will make a lot of people realize why Pitbull does not deserve the stigma.

It was peaceful for Latana Chai who was with her 7-month-old daughter, Masailah, in their California home. But that quiet night almost turned into a tragedy. 

Chai can hear her 8-month-old pit bull, Sasha, barking nonstop and banging at the door in their backyard at midnight of June 3, 2018. Sasha’s barks were very disturbing. She was frantic and furious! Chai instantly knew that something was up. Sasha doesn’t normally behave that way.

When she ran downstairs and opened the door to check on the dog, she looked up and she could see black smoke and flames pouring out of their neighbor’s house. It happened so quickly! The next thing she knew, her house was also engulfed in flames. Chai said, “As soon as I opened the door, she runs in, starts barking,”

So Chai ran back inside to get Masailah but what she saw was something out of the ordinary. Something that any other dog wouldn’t do.

She was supposed to get her daughter out of the house, but she saw that Sasha already had her. The dog was holding the baby by her diaper and she was dragging her out of bed! “I ran into the room and I see Sasha, she has my baby like by the diaper, just dragging her off the bed trying to get her to safety.” 

During her interview with KTXL, Chai shared that their dog saved everybody. If it wasn’t for her, nobody in their apartment complex would have known that something was happening. According to the thankful mother, Masailah and Sasha were born just days apart. She has always been part of their family. She and Masailah have a special bond. They would even sleep in the same bed and would take baths together.

According to Wag!, dogs are naturally protective. They can have territorial traits. In fact, they are even more protective of the babies in the family, especially if it’s a newborn. Dogs always have this protective instinctual behavior. They protect their human families. This is believed to be rooted in their ancestors. Now we all know that dogs derived from wolves. They live their lives according to a hierarchy which means that there will always be a top dog down the one who is the weakest.

The stronger dogs will protect the weaker ones. This is why your dogs can get overprotective of babies because they view them as the weaker member of the family. The dog would try to protect the baby at all times, especially from danger. 

To those who think that Pitbulls are not the best option as a family dog, Sasha is the living example of why they should reconsider. They might get off as scary and intimidating, but when cared for the right way, they can be sweet, just like Sasha.

What Sasha did that night surely prove that she is not only a pet dog, she is part of the family.


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