Firefighters Warn The One Thing You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip This Winter Season

Firefighters Warn The One Thing You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip This Winter Season


We all love our Space heaters and for good reasons too. Even if you succeed in ignoring them for the rest of the year, when the cold winter months arrive, you simply have no choice but plug them in to keep your home warm.

But as helpful as space heaters are it is unfortunate that they are being accused of one of the most serious crimes imaginable, “arson”. Your beloved space heaters have been discovered to be the top cause of house fires and that information is from reliable sources.

It Isa terrifying and equally unfortunate truth. According to a KHSB, a Kansas City news station, space heaters are responsible for a large percentage of home fires. While this news is not sitting well with homeowners with space heaters, it is turning out to be very concrete fact. A local firefighter who confirmed this explained that there is a perfectly logical explanation for these fires and what’s more a large percentage of them are avoidable. According to him, your space heater is not alone in this, what you might consider a weak link in the connection might also be an accomplice. Your extension cord.

Extension cords and power strips help us to bring all our appliances together in one single place. A lot of us are fond of setting up our appliances this way. While this is perfectly okay for small devices that generate little wattage, you might run into trouble with appliances with higher wattage. Your power strip or extension cord is simply not designed to handle the amount of wattage generated but your average space heater. Which is where the problem lies most of the time.

It gets even worse because many homeowners are not able to keep a close eye on these cords when using them. we simply plug in and go about our business. in most cases, the homeowners are simply not around when tragedy strikes.

While we are not saying that you simply toss your space heater out in the trash, there are some important safety tips you should put in mind to safeguard your home when using a space heater. The very first thing is to never leave your space heater unattended. If you will run it at all you should always be around. Thus it is never a great idea to leave the heater on while you go and sleep.

In a situation when you decide to make use of a space heater, avoid using a power strip or extension cord with it. you should also take special notice of the position of your space heater. Avoid keeping it close to remotely flammable items like curtains, clothing items and every other item that can start or hold a flame. Always keep them a good distance away from the space heater. Doing so can be quite risky.

In place of prolonged use of space heaters, there are a number of alternatives you can consider. Most importantly is your home’s ability to hold heat. Take note of every non-insulated area of your home. You can also get draft guards to help with this. You can also cover up windows with bubble wrap this will help keep most of the heat inside the home. You should also watch the informative video below for more tips on how to keep your home warm this winter.


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