Family Moves Into New Home To Find Out Previous Owner’s Cat Still Lives There, Then Finds This Note

Family Moves Into New Home To Find Out Previous Owner’s Cat Still Lives There, Then Finds This Note


Moving to a new house can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Living in a new neighborhood, meeting new people, and turning a house into a new home for your family seems like a lot to take in at first. When a family moved into their new home, they never expected to learn that someone is still living there!

Miranda E. and her family were very excited to move into their new house. During the move-in day, Miranda looked through the house and she noticed a note from the previous owners. When she read it, she was shocked to see what it said. The note says that there was a 12-year-old feral cat with injured paws that is living in the backyard. The previous family had been feeding the cat for years and they are hoping that the new occupants would also do the same. They didn’t want to leave him alone but they would not be able to take him with them either. A part of the letter says:

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“In the backyard, there is an old orange kitty who lives there. He is a feral and was born in our backyard 12 years ago… We usually feed him some dry or wet cat food with some water… We bought him a little house for the winter and rainy days that is placed against the wall in the backyard. We would appreciate it if you would continue to feed him… God Bless and welcome to your new home.”

After Miranda read the letter she looked into the backyard through the sliding glass door and sure enough, the orange cat was there, watching her curiously! For Miranda, it seemed like fate had brought her and the feral cat together because she and her family are huge cat lovers. They even have five rescue cats of their own!

Miranda named the feral cat, Raz, and she slowly, she started trying to gain his trust. The cat was aloof at first but he would happily take the food that Miranda would offer. He would not interact with her or with the other cats. Miranda respected this because all she wanted is for Raz to feel comfortable as much as possible. After a few weeks, Raz started to warm up to their presence. He began going up the door and would start meowing when he is asking for food.

She said during her interview with Dodo, “He used to hide anytime we came to the door. Now we can sit outside with him. He will come up and eat now when the screen door is open, which he wouldn’t do before.”

Miranda was able to completely gain Raz’s trust and she hopes that one day she would be able to take him to the vet to get his paw checked. She is praying that Raz would feel more comfortable with them soon, enough for him to come inside the house and play with the other cats. Miranda wanted to share her story with the world and help encourage others that if they have the means to take care of an animal who needs a home and a family, they should. Nothing is more rewarding than earning their trust and helping them have a second chance in life to live comfortably and feel loved by their new family.


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