I Finally Got An Answer Why My Neighbor Always Throws Ice Cubes Into His Laundry

I Finally Got An Answer Why My Neighbor Always Throws Ice Cubes Into His Laundry


There are a lot of home hacks that people come up with, but if there are any hacks almost everyone can relate to and most definitely need, it is hacks that help you clean up your home faster and better. Whether it is the baking soda, the all-powerful super hack home material or vinegar ever effective counterparts, there is always something around the home you can always find a better use for. Today, it is all about ice cubes.

Are you planning a night out and you are thinking of a way to get your clothes ready faster? There is a simple hack that can help you get that out of the way so you can focus on something else. This was a trick one of my neighbors use regularly, but I never dared to ask her about It until recently. This neighbor of mine would always toss in a few cubes of ice in the dryer in her home. I had no idea why she did this, but now that I do, I’m stealing the trick.

Sometimes you can’t just go through the stress of ironing your clothes after doing laundry; there is a way you can make sure your clothes come out of the dryer as if it has been pressed already. Simply place two or three cubes of ice in the dryer together with the clothes. It works like magic.

If you are one of those interested in finding out the science behind everything, you will be surprised that this one has a pretty simple explanation. What happens is that the ice is melted by the dryer, then turned into steam. The steam is what gets rid of the wrinkles in the clothes. This trick is best used when you have only a small load of laundry to do and if you are running late and can’t make the time to iron.

Quite a good number of people have put this method to the test, and fortunately, most of them report that it works like magic. It is a quick and convenient way to get your clothes straightened in no time, and the best thing about this hack is that it doesn’t cost you anything. Just the cubes of ice and the dryer do all the work that needs to be done. Another alternative is to use a hairdryer instead of your clothes dryer. This method is also great if you don’t have a dryer or you are want to keep your electricity bill in check.

Another effective hack is the one that helps you keep your towels nice and soft. While this sounds like something you might want to use a fabric softener for, you can also find a natural workaround to this problem. Vinegar can be used in place of fabric softener, and you will be surprised that the person who shared the trick claims that it works better than softener and surprisingly doesn’t leave a smell on your towels.

Another person who gave a suggestion on Quora in response to an Australian woman’s complaint about keeping her towel soft suggested taking out the towels while there are still a little bit damp. What other types of household laundry trick do you know?


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