I Finally Asked My Neighbor Why She Keeps Bars Of Soap In Her Garden. Now I Do It Too

I Finally Asked My Neighbor Why She Keeps Bars Of Soap In Her Garden. Now I Do It Too


One of the aspects of owning a home is your having to deal with neighbors, however, they are. Due to the fact that you all share a space in town and you will like for the value of properties in your area to increase rather than drop, it is very essential for you to build a cordial relationship with your neighbors and develop a rapport with as many people in the community as possible. However, part of getting to know the people around you more is understanding that there can be some weird stuff to them as well.

For instance, I have a neighbor who constantly put soap bars in her garden. I thought it was just straight up weird. I’d sit with my wife on our porch and watch as the woman came out with a new bar of Irish Spring soap. She’d proceed to chop these soaps into bits and sprinkle them around her flowers and vegetables.

I became very interested in her act, and I decided to research it online. When I got t, it turned out that this woman wasn’t actually out of her mind. On the contrary, I was the crazy one for not adopting her habit. After that day, I made a habit of also putting some soap in my favorite plants.

Here’s why you should also follow suit.

Scented soaps can help keep animals off your favorite vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. While it is awesome to scatter soap around your garden, I also discovered that it is still possible for you to go a step further. Instead of just taking the bits and tossing them around, you can actually attach them to wooden sticks. By doing this, you will be sending the scent to over an even wider distance, thereby eliminating even more animal mischief makers.

So here’s what you will need to put together in order to begin with your Irish Spring soap trick:
A dozen bars of the Irish Spring soap
A knife
3 wooden sticks. Preferably, they measure up to a height of about 3 feet
6 mesh pouches
A staple gun

While you might need to go to the grocery store or even Home Depot to get some of these items, just make sure you get the and you’re on your way. It is definitely never too early to have your plants protected from woodchunks, rodents, deer and other destroyers.

First, have the Irish Spring soap cut into pieces. Put these pieces into your mesh pouches, or you can tie them into bags with the cheesecloth.

Get your sticks hammered into the ground so that they have at least two feet above the round. Then, staple each pack on top of the stick.

While this will be enough for you to keep the pests away from your prized plants, you can still go a step further. This is the point when my neighbor’s steps will be beneficial. With the remainder of the soap, just scatter them garden in areas where the traffic is usually high, and near the plants that are most at risk.

Now that your garden is loaded full of soap, you will be able to keep hungry animals away from your precious plants, regardless of the season. Also, if it actually does rain, the rain will help activate your soap. This will improve the release of the scent, and nearby animals will be fended off.


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