Fifth Grader Given Severe Punishment For Calling His Teacher Ma’am

Fifth Grader Given Severe Punishment For Calling His Teacher Ma’am


As students, we have always been taught to be respectful and polite not only to our schoolmates but most especially to our teachers. They serve as our second parents while we’re at school and we treat them like one. This is why we have a term of respect for them; “Miss”, “Teacher”, ‘Sir”, or “Ma’am.” Who would expect that a fifth grader boy would get into trouble for calling his teacher “Ma’am?”

Tamarion Wilson is a 10-year-old and he was punished for calling his teacher with the term of respect that all of us are used to during their class on a Tuesday at the North East Carolina Preparatory School located in Tarboro, North Carolina. His teacher already told her students not to call her “Ma’am” which is the reason why the boy got punished.

When the boy returned home, his mom, Teretha Wilson was shocked with the sheet of paper that she has to sign to complete her sons’ punishment. She told ABC 11 that she asked him what happened. What her son told her left her speechless in disbelief. She said, “He said he got in trouble for saying ‘yes ma’am’”. According to the furious mother, the teacher already warned her class not to call her “ma’am” even though her reason was not clear.

When Tamarion did not follow her order, the boy heard the teacher say that if she had something to throw at him, she would have. Tamarion was hospitalized just the month before for seizure. He’s been suffering from hallucinations and memory loss and his teacher was not aware of his condition. However, many believe that what the teacher did was out of the line. Tamarion’s teacher has served several years of experience and once admitted in a parent conference that she did say that she would like to throw something to Tamarion that time but it was all a joke.

The boys’ parents said that they taught their children to be respectful and to address their elders by calling them “sir” and “ma’am.” Tamarion’s father told ABC, “As a father, to feel kind of responsible for that…knowing that I have been raising him and doing the best that I can, it’s not acceptable.” Teretha decided to meet with the principal the next day and requested her son to be transferred to a different class. The principal agreed and the school also released their own statement about what happened to Tamarion. Their statement says :

“This is a personnel matter which has been handled appropriately by the K-7 principal.”

The North East Carolina Preparatory School is a public charter school that has pupils from kindergarten to Grade 12. Their enrollment for this school year is at 960. They have almost a thousand students to look after and many parents are scared that what happened to Tamarion might also be experienced by their children if this case is not solved as soon as possible.

Aside from our parents, our teachers are the ones who teach us how to be good citizens. They never fail to remind us of the importance of being respectful and polite. Good manners are very important to learn while we are still kids because this can greatly affect our attitudes as we get older. As parents, we are expecting that our children learn what they need to learn at school and their teachers are there to support them all the way through.


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