Father Of The Bride Leaves Daughter Blindsided On Her Wedding Date With Uninvited Guest

Father Of The Bride Leaves Daughter Blindsided On Her Wedding Date With Uninvited Guest


The wedding day is one of the most important milestones in most people’s life. Many women since the time they were little girls already had fantasies about how they wanted their day to be. Some of them soon outgrow those childhood fantasies because they are simply too childish. Others hold on to their childhood dreams even until their wedding day and might end up seeing it happen the way they have always dreamed it would be.

But the wedding day isn’t a special day for just the couple involved alone, it is a unique day for parents of the couple as well as seeing a son or daughter get married is one of the fantasies of most parents. As parents are the custodians of their kid’s childhood dreams, they are sometimes the one in the right position to make their fantasies come true. Krysten Green’s father knew what her daughter has always wanted for her wedding and decided to take make her childhood dreams come true.

Green was getting married to Chris who was the love of her life. The couple had met in 2014 in Washington DC and according to their wedding website: “Chris was blown away by her friendliness, wit, and sarcasm.”

They finally got engaged after dating for a few years and the couple set a dazzling beachfront wedding which included a formal reception at the Icona Gold Inn Ballroom. Kyrsten’s dad had a little surprise in place for his daughter and waited till the reception to tell everyone about it.

He got on stage during the reception and about passing a few comments, he turned nonchalantly to his daughter and asked:
“Oh, by the way, Kyrsten, what is your favorite movie?”

Of course, her dad knew it and only asked the question for effect. Kyrsten’s favorite movie was the Little Mermaid. Yes, the cartoon. She has always loved the movie as a kid and even till now, it was still her all-time favorite. Kyrsten’s dad left the room after he asks the question and returns a while later with a surprise for his daughter it was Jodi Benson in the flesh.

“Guess who I found hanging out by the sea,” he says as he announced his re-entrance.

Kyrsten was Jodi’s super fan and she just couldn’t believe her eyes. The Actress and singer are popular for her role as the main character Ariel in Disney’s Little Mermaid movie and Kyrsten’s dad knowing how much her daughter loved her and the movie found a way to get a hold of her and convince her to perform at his daughter’s wedding. Of course, Jodi performed her signature song from the little mermaid movie “Part of Your World.” The song which was written specifically for the movie expresses Ariel’s longing to be human and to fit in.

The video of the performance was uploaded online and has been viewed by thousands of people many of who expressed their delight at the incredible dad’s surprise to her daughter.

“I’m jealous that was SO awesome. I bet that made the bride’s childhood dreams come true.” One comment read
“You know she did the movie 30 years ago almost and she could still sing the song beautifully. Amazing!” another commenter said
“So very talented. Who doesn’t want to take their little girl back to a childhood moment in time?” another person said.
Krysten Greene’s dad indeed deserves an award for being such an awesome dad. Thumbs up, super dad!


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