Fashion Experts Say There Is An Age Limit For Wearing Jeans

Fashion Experts Say There Is An Age Limit For Wearing Jeans


Even as we age, many of us want to look young and stylish; regardless if you are a man or a woman. But it seems like fashion trends are changing quickly and sometimes we cannot keep up. One of the “hip” styles of this generation are denim jeans. They never get old! Of course the style changes, but they will always be there.

How many pairs of denim jeans do you have in your closet?

Denim jeans can be easily styled no matter what look you are going for. However, fashion experts suggest that if you have reached a certain age, donate all of these jeans to the thrift store. Why? They might already be considered “old fashion” for you! Many would think that this advice is ridiculous. Just hear it out and you will understand why.

This fashion advisor admitted that they are not using their personal taste as a reason to tell older people to rid their closets of these denim jeans. They base their opinions on data and statistics to back up their reasons. CollectPlus, a UK-based company, conducted a survey on their shoppers who reached almost 2,000 individuals all across the United Kingdom. The study is to connect blue jeans to age, and the results are interesting!

This study reveals that many people think that if you are 53 years old or older, you need to stop wearing these blue jeans. But we have to remember that this study did not include other pieces of clothing like short-shorts, crop tops, or maybe tights. These people who were surveyed did not hesitate to express their objection to older people who still like to wear their blue jeans.

So how does your age affect your love for blue jeans?

According to these respondents, once you reach this age, it would be very difficult to find jeans that would have a good fit for you. During the survey, 24% of the people say that they are having a hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit them perfectly, while 6% reveal that their search for the right blue jeans just ends in tears. 29% of the respondents just gave up because they know that they will never be able to find a pair that would be best for them. Also, only one out of 10 respondents are willing to spend their precious time to do the work and try on six pairs of jeans in order to find the one that fits. This means that it is very hard for older people to find a pair of blue jeans.

As we get older, we get more impatient and it might become very stressful to do things that we love before – shop for blue jeans. And if by a miracle we find one that fits, we do not have a choice but to wear them every single time in an average of three years!

If you think online shopping is the answer, no it is not. Trying out the jeans before you pay for it is very important because not all jeans are specifically fitted for our body measurements. This will end up to spending more because of the return costs.

So what happens is, these older shoppers will end up spending a lot of money just to find jeans for them.If you belong in this age bracket, just let go of your pair of jeans. It is time to stop using them!


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