Farmer Shows Quick Method To Keep Berries Fresh Even Weeks After You Bought Them

Farmer Shows Quick Method To Keep Berries Fresh Even Weeks After You Bought Them


Strawberries are an awesome source of Vitamins K and C, and they are one of the most likable fruits of the summer. Strawberries contain a lot of antioxidant and polyphenolic properties, and these contents make strawberries very advantageous to people who will like to improve the strength of their immune systems. They also help to prevent various forms of cancer, and they can be employed to help reduce some aging signs.

Plus, they taste really good. You can’t hate on all that!

There’s no way you can deny that you love buying strawberries (well, except if you’re allergic), but one problem that we have all come to know when it comes to these fruits is that it is always quite difficult to find a way to keep them looking- and tasting- fresh for a long period of time while they’re at home. Strawberries are known to have a short shelf life, and this means that if you will be buying some, you better have a plan to eat them as quick as possible. As a matter of fact, even refrigerators and other forms of cold storage can only keep strawberries fresh for so long. Soon, they begin to lose their quality and the awesome taste that they are known for goes with that as well.

However, we have been able to find a solution that will help to keep your berries looking and tasting fresh for a long time. Before you employ this method, however, you will need to get a few materials from your kitchen.

The materials that you will need to preserve your strawberries with this method are a large bucket or bowl (depending on how many strawberries we are talking about here), a colander (although a salad spinner should be able to work just as fine in its place), a strainer, clean (or at the very least, filtered) water, a clean container with breathing holes, some vinegar, paper towels, and the strawberries that you’ll like to preserve.

Here are the steps:

First, mix 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water. This means that if you will be washing a couple pounds of strawberries, make sure to use 1 cup of vinegar to 5 cups of water. Get it?

Now that your strawberries are ready for you to have them bathed in vinegar, put the berries in the vinegar bath and just let them sit there. Make sure to move them gently in order to help remove any kind of dirt and grime, and also to let the vinegar kill any bacteria or spores on the berries.

When you’re done with that, pour the mixture all over your berries until they become completely covered. Fruits that have thicker skin (such as blueberries and strawberries) can easily be dried in a salad spinner, but you will need to dry more delicate berries (like blackberries and raspberries) in a clean towel. Just pat the latter with paper or cloth towels and you should be fine.

As soon as you’ve been able to get rid of most of the water, have your berries laid out in a single layer on some clean towels and allow the air to dry them.
It can take about 15 to 20 minutes, but this trick can save them from spoiling early.


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