Farmer Reveals Trick On How To Keep Strawberries Fresh For Weeks After Bringing Them Home

Farmer Reveals Trick On How To Keep Strawberries Fresh For Weeks After Bringing Them Home


Strawberry cultivation started in the 17th century France and ever since then its cultivation has been embraced all over Europe and America due to the high demand for the fruit at the local markets and as well as for export the reason for the surge in demand is not far-fetched as the fruit is friendly to the taste bud and also has a tremendous nutritional benefit for the body.

The fruit is a rich source of various vitamins among which are vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, all of which are indispensable to the body a deficiency of one or all of the vitamins is a serious cause for alarm. These vitamins strengthen the immune system, they help keep various organs in the body fit and able to work optimally, they keep the skin fresh and also assist in reproduction.

Due to its highly perishable nature it is important to have a proper and sound knowledge of ways through which these highly nutritious fruit can be preserved, when we talk of preserving fruits the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them in the refrigerator pending the time of their usage while this is generally acceptable the disadvantage is that fruits tend to become less nutritious, less fresher when they are over refrigerated except they are refrigerated in a special way known only to few. Here is the real deal the purpose of writing this piece is to expose readers to this special way of keeping strawberries fresh.

What we are about to present here is a very simple and stress free method which has been successfully used by farmers over the years to preserve their strawberries, this simple method will not only preserve its pristine taste it will in addition preserve its colour and nutritional components.

With this method your trip to the grocery store will greatly reduce as this method will at least increase the life span of your strawberries from a few days to a few weeks all you need are the following items: A bottle of white vinegar, Drinkable water, A large container (preferably a bowl), a salad spinner, paper towels and most importantly our dear friend the strawberry which is the subject of all our rumblings.

Once the above listed items have been procured then the preservation proper begins in the exact steps as would be listed below:

The first step is to mix one part white vinegar with five parts water in a large container.

The second step is to put the strawberries into the container containing the earlier prepared mixture.

The strawberries are then allowed to soak for about three to five minutes (third step).

The fourth step is to remove the strawberries after they must have soaked for at least three minutes and at most five minutes after which they should be placed into the paper towel-lined salad spinner.

The fifth step which is the last but not the least step is to allow the strawberries to completely dry off, it should be noted that there is no need to sun dry it before it will completely dry off, room temperature is enough to do the drying. After getting completely dried the strawberries are stored in a paper towel-lined container inside the refrigerator.

You can call this preservation method strawberries “fountain of youth” with this method strawberries rotten days are over.


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