Farmer Gets Hospitalized And Worries About Farm Until 40 Neighbors Harvested The Crops For Him

Farmer Gets Hospitalized And Worries About Farm Until 40 Neighbors Harvested The Crops For Him


Farmer Gets Hospitalized And Worries About Farm Until 40 Neighbors Harvested The Crops For Him!

Can you truly say that you trust your neighbors? Would you be able to call them during emergency situations? Can you rely on them to take care of anything for you while you are gone? Well, that is not exactly true for many. But for this man, he has truly proven to himself that all his 40 neighbors are people that he can trust during difficult times.

Lane Unhjem is a farmer from North Dakota. He went through something really scary that almost cost him his life.

One day while on his combine, a vehicle specifically for harvesting farm fields, it suddenly caught on fire. While trying to control the fire, the stress of the situation probably caused his major heart attack. A photo of his totally-burned combine can tell how bad the situation was that day.

His neighbors who helped him put out the fire saw what happened and he was immediately rushed to Trinity Medical Center in Minot, North Dakota. He was treated and made sure he was stable. Still, he was weak and had to recover three weeks after the incident.

And because he was at the hospital this entire time, he is worried about his unharvested crops. His medical bills continue to build and he can’t do anything about it. The doctors will not let him go just yet until he is fully recovered. And all this is causing him too much stress. His fields are his source of income. And if they don’t get harvested soon, he knows that it’s going to be too late to salvage it.

But Lane is lucky because his neighbors and the entire community are looking out for each other. They knew that Lane needed help and with his condition, they were made aware that he would not be out pretty soon to harvest the crops himself. So the 40 farmers from Divide County gathered to harvest Lane’s field!

And because of what they did, they helped save Lane’s livelihood. That surely took a huge load of burden off his mind.

A GoFundMe campaign was also started to help Lane and his medical bills. His daughter, Samantha Coates, wrote about her fathers’ journey and what their family is currently going through. She wrote:

“From day one these forces have been the light in the darkness: The incredible community of Divide County that showed up to save my parents livelihood to harvest 1000 acres in one day. And then continued to support with food for the harvesters on that harvest bee plus helping bring in the soybeans a week later and hauling hay. Please know that it’s Your light that has illuminated a potentially very dark time for our family.”

She also took this opportunity to thank those people who made this a lot easier for them. She further wrote: “What makes this even more remarkable is these incredible people did it because it was the right thing to do. Not for publicity or fame. But because when a person is in need this is what the people of Divide County & ND do: You step up & you take care of your neighbor. Helping others is the way of life here.”

The GoFundMe was able to raise over 100 donations that is at $5400 out of the $50,000 goal. That is already a good number for the two weeks that the fundraising campaign for Lane started.


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