Famous Swing Dancers Try Their Hand At The Honky-Tonk, Their Routine Blows The Roof Off The Place

Famous Swing Dancers Try Their Hand At The Honky-Tonk, Their Routine Blows The Roof Off The Place


Country music and Honky-tonk are two popular Genre in the United States. But you probably have never seen any routine to this music as beautiful as the one in the video below. The dancers in the video are Jason Calacino and Katie Boyle. Two longtime swing dancing partner who ruled the stage during their time.

Jason was more popular for his west coast styled swing dancing. He began his career with line dancing as a teenager. He later went on to master swing dancing, salsa, jazz, ballet, ballroom dancing, and Argentine Tango all of which he delivers exceptionally whenever he wants to.

Katie, on the other hand, is natural. She was a sort of child prodigy as she began dancing when she was merely 2 years of age. her teaching biography reads:

“Along with education, I have an extreme passion for the arts; specifically dance. I have been dancing since I was 2-years-old and danced my way through college.”
You can imagine how much fire this talented pair will light up when you bring them on stage together. Jason and Katie created eye-popping routines anytime they ended up on the same stage, inventing numerous new styles and coming first in serval national dancing competitions.

In this particular video, the pair put their skills to the test and performed an incredibly beautiful routine to the Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Woman” and was it lovely? You just have to see it yourself.

Honky-tonk initially referred to a place where alcohol was served to the good ol’ working class folks when it first originated. The places were associated with a type of special live musical performance, usually a piano player or live band. The electrified atmosphere had patrons drinking and dancing away all night which gave birth to the genre of music. As Grizzly Rose explains, the words have simply become “synonymous with a country western bar that offers live music.”

Swing on the other hand as defined by Ballroom Dance Academy is “an energetic fast dance, done usually with triple steps and rock steps to Big Band or contemporary music that ‘swings’”.

This routine by Jason and Katie was a blend of the fast-paced steps of east coast swing mixed with the carefree fun of classic Honky-tonk. It was no doubt a complex routine but with this pair, nothing could ever be complex as they tore away at the dance floor as they owned it. in fact, such a fast-paced music was just the perfect selection for this talented pair to show the world just what they can do. Little wonder this video had been viewed nearly 2 million times. Everyone is really impressed by such a remarkable performance.

You can see Jason and Karen, moving to the fast-paced beats with so much fluidity. It is clear that they are having so much fun with their performance. The pair performs very complex moves, swinging and dipping together to the sound of the music. At some point, Jason even lifts Karen into the air above his heads. It such an energetic performance and both the audience and the and the judges are impressed. In fact, this performance was enough to win the pair the first prize.

This might be old and many of us were not even around when this lovely due were doing so many wonders on the dance floor, but you have to admit that these two were just a remarkable pair. Watch their mesmerizing performance in the video below and see for yourself.


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