Famous Singer Paid For Stranger’s Check And Gets Great Response

Famous Singer Paid For Stranger’s Check And Gets Great Response


Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer was enjoying breakfast at the Sea Ketch restaurant in Hampton Beach when he saw a group of five women enjoying each other’s company and he felt the need to take an action. The group of five women reminded him of his mom who died 9 years ago. as he kept looking at them memories of his late mom kept flooding his mind

Andy wrote on his Facebook:

“I felt a strong urge to pick up their check. I don’t know them and didn’t want to bother them but I just did it.”

One thing that cannot be said that celebrities lack is attention, not wanting to provoke any unnecessary attention the musician secretly paid for their meal. But then he had another strong urge, one that he just could not ignore.

“…a lot of times it’s better to just do nice deeds without asking for acknowledgment but something felt like I should tell them I missed my mom, like they might like to hear that. So I walked over and said ‘You are five of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever seen. I lost my mom a while back and something about seeing you made me miss her this morning so I’m getting your check.’”

One of the women felt her own urge to act too. She popped up from her seat, threw open her arms and said something that surprised Andy.

“COME HERE. I lost my son and really needed this.”

Mary wore a button on her shirt commemorating her son, whom she’d just lost to cancer, coincidentally Andy also lost his mother to breast cancer.

She embraced Andy warmly with a “mom hug”. He returned the hug with the “son hug” she craved.

Andy ended his Facebook post saying,
“We are all so connected. #imnotcryingyourecrying #cryingwithstrangers”

Mary Conant One of the “super sweet” senior citizens and the one that gave Andy the hug, shared on Facebook that they were meant to meet Andy. It was fate!

“Your Mom sent you to us today.”

She made the comment on Andy’s post with a photo of her and her friends, Margaret, Betty Anne, Joan and Beth.

Andy lost his mother to breast cancer in 2009. The disease was detected at the very late stage making treatment difficult and worse still giving him only a few days to say goodbye. Andy’s late mother is the backbone of his career. In 2015, Andy dedicated one of his “Dancing With The Stars” performances to his mom.

On his mum’s nine-year anniversary Andy wrote a special Instagram post for his late mum

“All I knew was I had lost my center, that there was a huge whole in my world and that it could never be filled,” he captioned a photo of him and his baby daughter, Louisiana, visiting his mother’s grave. “Little did I know having a mother on the other side can be pretty special too. I am not foolish enough to think that any of my success has been without the help of a badass mother pulling strings through the universe. I love you mom. “

“This life is beautiful, but it becomes even more beautiful when you are forced to face the fact that there is more to this life [than] this life,” he continued. “To all those who have lost someone close to them, they are around… It’s a mystical relationship that never ends.”


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