Family Says Goodbye To Marine Dad With Cancer Just Weeks After Finding Out Wife Is Pregnant Again

Family Says Goodbye To Marine Dad With Cancer Just Weeks After Finding Out Wife Is Pregnant Again


When U.S. Marine Jason Shipmon was diagnosed with a brain tumor, it was just weeks after his wife, Amanda, revealed good news that they are pregnant with baby number three – the youngest of their three sons.

Jason met Amanda in 2004. They married shortly after their six weeks of engagement because, in just two weeks, Jason will have to leave for his second deployment with the Marines. Over the next ten years, the couple had to live apart, as expected. Jason survived his battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, but sadly, not with cancer.

When Jason was diagnosed with this heart-shattering condition, everyone was heartbroken. Still, this did not stop them from fighting for Jason’s life. He had to go through radiation and chemotherapy. Jason was able to live past his prognosis!

During her interview with Casper Star Tribune, Amanda shared that they were hoping that since they passed that 5-year mark, they were hopeful that even with a small percentage, the tumor will not come back. Amanda said, “But we always knew that the odds of it coming back were very high.”

Sadly, Jason’s brain tumor returned. Cancer was such a big enemy for a brave soldier to survive. It was a battle that he knew he would never win.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. – 2 Timothy‬ 4:7”

This is the Bible verse that Amanda shared together with the heartbreaking news of her husband’s passing. She wrote, ‬ ” Last night my sweet husband, the love of my life left this earth to go home. He fought so hard for so long for me and our precious boys… My heart is broken, I feel lost. I look in the faces of our boys and my heart breaks even more, but I feel a little less lost. They are my why. They will give me a strength to carry on…”

Jason and Amanda are blessed with three sons. He was only 37 when he passed away. Amanda added on her post:

“A true love story never ends.” Truer words could not be spoken. We wrote a beautiful love story. He made me happier than I even knew I could be and the gift of his love is the greatest gift I have ever known. It will continue to comfort me and carry me on. My boys will always have the gift of waking each morning having called this man “daddy” and knowing their dad was a hero in so many ways but especially to us…”

Jason fought a good fight and he will always be remembered as a hero. The soldier who never gave up for his wife and his children. Sometimes, life can be unfair. Life can sometimes take away the people that we love and treasure the most. But we have to remember that everything happens for a reason. It will be painful for a very long time, but life must go on. For Amanda, hers and her sons’ life must continue on moving forward because for sure, this is what Jason wants for his family.

“His fight was good and he has finished his race. Now we must continue on ours. One day at a time. One step at a time.” – Amanda


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