Family Finds Out Their 12-Year-Old Dog Has Been Leading A Double Life

Family Finds Out Their 12-Year-Old Dog Has Been Leading A Double Life


There are times that we learn that someone is living a double life, but it will surely shock you when you learn that a dog can do this too!

McKayla is a 12-year-old dog and she lives with Roger and Julie Gill on a big farm in West Newton, Indiana. They had to take ownership of the dog after they purchased the farm. McKayla’s previous owners moved into the city and they felt that it would be a mistake to take this large Great Pyrenees away from her farm life.

According to the American Kennel Club, Great Pyrenees or “Pyrs” are smart, patient, and calm dog breeds. They are often described as “majestic” because they are big and very strong mountain dogs. They are a very powerful working dog breed that can deter sheep-stealing wolves and other predators. The Pyrs these days are mellow companions but they are also vigilant guardians of their owners’ home.

Like other Pyrs who were bred to be independent thinkers and to work without guidance while watching and protecting the flock, McKayla has been a herding dog for 12 years and she is protecting the farm’s many acres of land. Julie said, “This is Mckayla’s home. She’s usually walking up and down that line, barking, and guarding. She’s never known any other life.”

Well, this is what her owners think of her until she was stolen one day.

When Julie was busy one day, McKayla cleverly snuck off the farm and walked herself into town to a corner store. In the security camera footage, it can be seen that a woman came up to her and noticed this beautiful dog standing there alone. So the woman asked the clerk if the dog belongs to anyone. The clerk told her yes, and that she belongs to the neighbors. The woman still wants to take McKayla.

A few minutes later, the security camera captured that the woman returned to pet and feel McKayla. Then she leads her away!

A store customer even tried to stop her from taking the dog, but she still left with McKayla. Roger and Julie were contacted about their stolen dog so they immediately rushed over to the corner store. They watched the surveillance footage to find out who the dognapper was. But what they will find out is that this is not the first time that McKayla made secret trips into town!

During her interview with CBS Julie said, “She’s quite a smart old cookie… She’s been fooling us all; she’s played us like a fiddle.”

The Gill’s are shocked that after all this time, they never knew that their precious McKayla is in fact living a double life!

Those people who took McKayla contacted the Gills the next day to inform them that they have the dog but they will not return her. This is when the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police tracked down the car. When they got the information that they need, they went to the home of these dognappers. They did not have a choice but to hand over McKayla peacefully to these officers.

Mckayla is definitely a smart dog – no doubt about that.

The Gills did not press charges against these people, but they are doing their best to limit McKayla from living a double life.


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