Family Fed Up With Neighbors Builds Concrete Fence As Revenge

Family Fed Up With Neighbors Builds Concrete Fence As Revenge


Family Fed Up With Neighbors And Built Concrete Fence As Revenge

Every one of us wishes to have good neighbors. But that does not happen all the time. For some, they turn out to have bad neighbors. And if you are one of them, for sure you have already tried everything that you could have done to at least have a civil and peaceful relationship with them. But sometimes, that is easier said than done.

This family had been having a hard time trying to adjust and understand their neighbor. When finally, dad decided to do something about it. A Reddit user shared how his neighbor made their life difficult. He said that one time, the neighbor had a truck filled with wood run over their fence.

Miha wrote:
“We live in a small private neighborhood, the neighbors are related to us more or less (distant relatives). Everybody here is a complete nut job. They were constantly arguing over decades before me or my brother were even born. Our property line is kinda like a square and it is surrounded by a road from two sides. Keep in mind that on one part of the road we let our neighbors use 1 square meter of the land so they could use the road safer and not damage our property.”

And when they realized that it was deliberately done by their neighbors to have their fence destroyed, they confronted them about it but they refused to pay the damages. So the dad who happens to be a police officer decided to teach these people a lesson. He got fed up with them so the family decided that they needed to do something about it.

Miha’s dad dug up property line markers then filled the entire area with rock-filled barrels. Now the neighbors are furious as they showed up at Miha’s home. They threatened to call the police since they say that they will hit their cars on the barrels. In fact, they even threatened to attack Miha’s dad using a pickaxe. But well, all of these were only empty threats.

And despite the barrels, they still did not stop causing problems to Miha’s family. So his dad came up with a plan that would surely teach them a lesson. Miha shared, “My dad was furious and he changed his petty revenge into a pro revenge. He cut some wood to use it as a mold. He bought cement, sand and metal poles. One peaceful afternoon my father and I cemented that whole part of the land and placed some lovely flowers on top. So when they hit the concrete they can smell our flowers of victory/defeat.”

And this time, the plan worked! But still, this was not the end of the problems that their neighbors are causing. Their neighbors wrecked eight of their cars on the concrete fence but nobody showed up to complain. And Miha’s family was the only one in the neighborhood who took care and maintained the road that is next to their property.

Miha wrote, “They were constantly arguing that we don’t do a good job at maintaining the road. They would much rather criticize us than help us.”

Sometimes, no matter how kind or forgiving you are, it will come to a point that you will snap. And that is exactly what happened to Miha’s family.


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