Family Adopts Dog About To Die And Gives Her The Best Last Days

Family Adopts Dog About To Die And Gives Her The Best Last Days


Most people prefer adopting a puppy instead of an older dog; this is mainly because most people find little puppies cute and adorable. What most people don’t realize is that puppies most often tend to chew up items in the house and pee all over the floors, leaving a disaster for the dog owner to take care of.

Also, many people do not prefer old dogs because most of them have health problems which may be costly when it comes to treating them and purchasing the medication. The harsh reality is that when senior pets are left in the animal shelters, they get euthanized when the shelter runs out of space.

As for Melissa Davis and her daughter Raven, things were different. They went dog hunting in an animal shelter with the intention of adopting a senior dog. They knew what the dogs went through and so they decided to rescue one of them and provide the best last days to the lucky dog.

One senior pup, eleven-year-old Kaylee, got adopted by the family in BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore. Kaylee was an American Staffordshire terrier who had been brought and surrendered to the animal shelter by her owners who couldn’t afford her upkeep. The family saw the method to be the best solution to keeping Kaylee alive and in a good condition, despite her deteriorating health.

When interviewed by the Baltimore Sun, Melissa’s daughter stated that she had observed that no one wanted an old pup as a pet; this was because most people found puppies to be more energetic. She didn’t want the old animals to die.

Despite finding out that Kaylee had a torn ACL, a thyroid carcinoma and an early kidney disease, the family still took her in. Raven got creative and created a Facebook page to showcase Kaylee’s bucket list, along with entering Petco Foundation’s Holiday Wishes Campaign and ended up winning a ten thousand dollar grant for BARCS. Both mom and daughter got excited by the turn out of events and got thrilled they could give back to the animal shelter which had taken care of the poor pup when her previous owners couldn’t.

The kind-hearted family dipped into their savings and spent vacation money on Kaylee just to make sure that she could regain her health back. Melissa’s children loved Kaylee so much that they chose to cancel a trip to Disneyland just to take care of her; this was the best gift they could give her. During the interview with Baltimore Sun, Raven mentioned how Kaylee loved wearing costumes and talked a lot. She added how fun the dog was, frequently trying to go squirrel hunting.

Several months after the adoption, Kaylee passed away having not checked off most things in her bucket list. She had sung songs with her friends, ate a puppachino, had a brownie cake with bacon and topped it all off with a cheese buffet. Despite the family feeling sad about her demise, Raven’s mom decided to make a video which featured the fun moments they shared with Kaylee. She posted it on Facebook with a caption describing how hard it was for her to compile the short clips of Kaylee since she was emotional and cried the whole time.


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