Everyone Is Focused On Talented 14-Year-Old Dancer, But Make Sure You Pay Attention To The Cop

Everyone Is Focused On Talented 14-Year-Old Dancer, But Make Sure You Pay Attention To The Cop


Police officers always find a way to protect the community yet they are the ones who are sometimes unappreciated and undervalued. We are aware that when you are a policeman, you put your life in danger every time you report for work. The long hours of protecting other people and ensuring their safety sometimes end up unnoticed. The police officer’s goal is to protect the public and make sure that everyone obeys the law and they are safe from any possible dangers.

A young dancer named Tylar Olsen who is just 14 years old chose to dedicate one of her dance routines to the “heroes in blue” and her performance was both breathtaking and inspiring. Tylar is a Lehi competitive dancer and she has been performing since she was two years old. This year’s dance was very special for her and she wanted to find a song to dance with that would mean something to her. Tylar’s mom, Andrea Olsen suggested an idea.

Andrea heard a spoken poem by Paul Harvey entitled, “Policeman.” This is considered as one of his best narrations and although this was written by Harvey in 1970 and was then recorded for his show, this short narration speaks volumes today. Every word is meaningful and on point about what the policeman does as well as the expectations of the world towards police officers.

Tylar started her performance as she crouched in one corner of the stage while on the other side is a police officer standing motionless. Paul Harvey’s “Policeman” began to play and this talented young dancer started moving gracefully with the narration. Tylar’s very unique performance combined with the lyrics of Harvey’s speech truly captured the attention of the audience and soon the viewers online. For her last figures, Tylar puts her hand on her chest, looks over her shoulder at the officer who was just standing quietly behind her. The officer took off his hat when Tylar ran to him to give him a big hug.

This police officer is Tylar Olsen’s uncle, Sergeant Kevin Norris with Orem Police. When Tylar was interviewed later on, she shared that after hearing the spoken poem and after digesting what it means, she decided that she wanted this for her next dance routine. Andrea was very proud of her daughter’s performance and she described her dance as ‘emotional and bold.’ She said:

“I couldn’t have done that when I was fourteen. I wasn’t brave enough. She took something that is controversial and performed a dance to it and knew it could be loved or hated, praised or ridiculed, and she did it anyway.”

The video of her performance was shared online and it didn’t take long for it to go viral. It now has over 1.6 million views on YouTube and it is still growing. Despite her fear that her performance might not be accepted and understood the way she wanted them to, it has gained loads of positive comments. Many are thanking her for being brave and some are even retired or injured cops who appreciated what she did for her uncle. The video definitely touched the hearts of those who have seen it because the ending was not only heartwarming, but the overall performance was really brave and inspiring.


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