If You Ever See Square Waves While You Are In The Ocean, Run For Your Life

If You Ever See Square Waves While You Are In The Ocean, Run For Your Life


The planet Earth has a lot of amazing landscape and water mass that it can offer its people. Some of us have been basking on the beauty of nature, yet there are still more that we have not seen or discovered yet. While we’ve been familiar with the sound of the delicate waves hitting the shoreline, there is a potential hazard in the sea that isn’t usually discussed and these are square waves.

The square waves are also called “cross sea” and they form when the waves are colliding from different angles and they form squares in the ocean. These waves might be very entertaining to the eyes but we should be warned that they can be pretty dangerous for those who are caught in the middle of it and this includes boats, surfers, and also swimmers. This square-like pattern occurs when two wave systems cross while they are traveling at slanting angles towards each other. The older weather system waves continue on until they disappear, and the ocean becomes a swirling, dangerous place for anyone.

A cross sea can also produce very tall waves and many ship accidents have been blamed on this cross sea conditions. The square waves can occur commonly in coastal places around the globe. If you search the web, you can find plenty of astounding pictures of the square waves and they make look harmless. However, do not be swayed by its beauty. Yes, it looks peaceful on the surface but underwater, its something else. The currents are very powerful that it has the capacity to capsize and throw even large ships off balance! There are areas in the cross sea that can potentially take a life.

If for any reason you got caught in these waves as a swimmer, make sure to get to safety as quickly as possible.

Boats are made to hit the currents head on so when caught in between these square waves, they have no escape route because the waves come from different angles. Experts are warning ocean lovers to stay out of the water and also warn others if ever you see the criss-cross waves. Instead of diving into the water, why not enjoy them from afar for the meantime.

There will be instances when the cross sea is difficult to distinguish especially if the angle between their direction of approach is shallow and it may look like they came from the same direction. Another reason why many of us have never really seen a ‘cross sea’ is that of the presence of strong local wind that generates wind waves on top of the swell. This wind can blow from any direction and can potentially break the well-defined shape and the direction that is associated with swells.

Remember that cross sea can only be seen from afar, or from the air. They will not be easily visible from the beach. One of the most beautiful photos of cross-sea was taken in France. This is when a photographer caught a nearly perfect grid from the fort in the Isle de Ré. Cross Sea is common here because the Isle of Ré is located at an intersection of two seas.

Don’t be discouraged if you have not seen one yet! You can check out plenty of snaps and clips online that showcase the beauty of these square-shaped waves that some people were able to capture in pictures or videos from all over the world.


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