If You Ever See A Frozen Cup Of Water With A Penny On Top In A House, This Is What It Means

If You Ever See A Frozen Cup Of Water With A Penny On Top In A House, This Is What It Means


Many times we find ourselves in situations whereby we are to travel far from home while leaving no one behind but a lot of cooked food in the fridge which is prone to get spoilt over a period. While a refrigerator is supposed to keep the food fresh and ready to eat at any time, there some instances where the food gets spoilt and no one has control over it.

This may happen when one travels and leaves food behind and during that period; the lights get lost for a longer fraction of that time, meaning the food will stay under warmer conditions for a longer period than while it is frozen. In such situations, one may need to leave someone behind while having traveled or even employ someone to make watch over the place.

By doing this, if the lights get lost, he or she may buy ice cubes to surround the packed food which will keep the food from getting spoilt. Another method one may employ is by the use of a backup generator. Such a generator should be automatic, meaning immediately the lights get lost, the generator will automatically switch itself on hence the fridge will remain on preventing the food from getting spoilt. Once the lights are back, an automatic generator immediately switches itself back off.

Most of us may find such approaches not costly at all, but for some of us, employing such methods would be very expensive especially in purchasing and maintenance. Therefore it is prudent to know ways in which one can determine whether the food is spoilt or not, mostly after coming from vacation.

A woman from Lumberton in North Carolina, Sheila Pulanco Russell, came up with an ingenious tip that will leave your jaw dropping. She decided to post her approach on Facebook after having realized that an upcoming hurricane would force people to evacuate from their premises for a short while, and go back after the storm had cleared.

Such people would need to determine whether the food they left at home was either contaminated or suitable for consumption. She called it the ‘One cup tip.’ In her approach, you first fill a cup or bowl with water and leave it in the freezer for a while. After the water freezes, you take it out and place a coin on top of the frozen water. You then put it back in the freezer. After having done this, you are free to leave for whichever part of the continent for however period.

Once you’re back home, check the water in the bowl back in the freezer. The results you may find are only two. The first result involves the coin on top of the frozen water, just where you had left it. This would mean that the food in the fridge had stayed frozen the whole period you were away. The second result involves the coin having sunk to the bottom of the cup or bowl. This would mean that while you were away, the food defrosted and the possibility of food contamination is high. She also added that it’s prudent to leave a cup full of water in the freezer all the time just to be on the safe side.


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