Entitled Mom Makes Fun Of Dirty Man, Only To Learn Is True Identity And Feel Terrible

Entitled Mom Makes Fun Of Dirty Man, Only To Learn Is True Identity And Feel Terrible


Kudos to Andy for handing this like a man.

Just like most of us, entrepreneur Andy Ross wakes up every day without knowing what each day will bring. He owns a hunting business and works construction, so he is always busy.

One day, Andy topped to get a few things at a store when he saw a little girl staring at him while he was at the checkout line. He looked dirty from his hard work so he assumed that she was wondering about his look.

The girl’s mother told her to quit staring, and she resumed her work. However, as they made their way out, Andy overheard the mother say something terrible about him to her little girl.

“That’s why you need to stay in school”

Andy decided to step into this situation. He took a second, the approached her, telling her that he was actually an “educated dirty man”

Apart from a high school degree, Andy possesses a college degree and various medical certifications.

“So it is pretty ignorant to assume that I’m uneducated just because of my appearance. Also, if my tattoos are the reason why you’re telling your daughter to stay in school, you’re basically suppressing her creativity and hindering her imagination as she grows up. I’m proud of the tattoos and artwork that Forrest Bateman put on my body. It shows my pride in my country and my service as a special operations medic over various combat tours”

Andy also stated that although he has an extensive education and a functioning business, he chose to work in construction because he doesn’t feel suited for a regular desk job. He prefers to work with his hands, so he chose a more “outdoors job”

“I am proud to say that I am part of the people building America, and I enjoy my job on a daily basis. I love working with my hands and being outdoors, even though I have to get dirty on some days. I make good money, have amazing benefits, and I can comfortably provide for my family. So, my appearance isn’t related to my intelligence r pursuing some higher educational level”

As the mom stood there with a look of shock on her face, Andy told that both to have a good day and try not to judge people before knowing saying about them.
With a final “Good luck with the little girl,” Andy left.

He shared his experience on social media. He posted a picture of himself looking dirty from a day’s job and shared the following observations”

Never judge a person after a single glance

Do what you love and enjoy it

Blue collar jobs are still the best. They pay well and don’t come with any price tag

Inasmuch as education is important, college isn’t a guarantee of anything

If you’ve got hard work, experience and dedication, you’ll succeed.

Don’t be an (expletive) parent who raises their child to be an (expletive)

When trying to insult someone’s educational level and intelligence, try not to get schooled by that person

I’m in desperate need of a shower

It’s sad that this mom wanted to degrade and belittle someone in front of her daughter. However, Andy spoke up and defended himself well. Serving in the Armed Forces isn’t easy, and Andy is one of the few who were able to come back home and still be productive.


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