Entitled Lady Doesn’t Think Has To Pay Back Loan She, Judge Asks One Question And Leaves Her Embarrassed

Entitled Lady Doesn’t Think Has To Pay Back Loan She, Judge Asks One Question And Leaves Her Embarrassed


Judge Judy is well loved by so many viewers because of her quick wit and snappy comebacks that can blow you away! Her exaggerated expressions are really amazing to watch and take note, nothing gets past her brutal honesty. One of Judge Judy’ shortest case is going viral today and this is when she had the defendant accidentally spill the truth which made the judge end the case abruptly.

The defendant is Erika Gebhart. She is arguing that the $2000 that she received from the plaintiff, Leigh Fransen, was a gift of friendship. However, the plaintiff believes that Erika should be paying her back the money. As the judge asked the defendant to tell her what happened, Erika said, “I went to her house, she was a good friend of mine. I was telling her about our move and she said, ‘Let me help you out, let me give you some money.’” According to Erika, she told the plaintiff that she would not be able to pay her back which the plaintiff also agreed with by saying, “No problem, don’t worry about it.”

To get to the bottom of this argument, the judge asked the defendant if how long have they been friends which she answered, “Two years.” Erika continued to tell her that she met the defendant two years ago when she attended one of the Fransens’ childbirth classes. This started to build up more personal questions about her family and how many children does she have and how old they are. Erika willingly told her that she is a mother of five; her twins are 8, she has a 5-year-old, a 4-year-old, a 9-month-old, and a dog. Seems like the judge is going somewhere with her questions.

The judge asks the defendant if she has work and Erika replied, “I have five children. They’re my work.” Then the judge asked about the Fransen’s children which Erika also revealed that she has two and she works at the same time. This started the banter between Judge Judy and Erika when she started to defend herself about having more children and not being able to work and afford things that clearly her ‘friend’ is able to enjoy in her life because she has a smaller family than Erika. She reminded Erika that you can have as many children as you like, as long as you’re able to take care of them.

“But, when you have to rely on other people to take care of your children, then it becomes more of a problem.”

Judge Judy then told her that since the Fransen has two kids and she works, it doesn’t really sound to her like she is having an easy life financially. The stubborn Erika continues to argue that Fransen is indeed floating in ‘dough’ because she and her husband drive BMW vehicles, she has childcare, and they also have weekly house cleanings. The judge has had enough of Erika’s excuses. She reminded her again that if she had lesser children, she would be able to work full time and drive herself a nice car but she chose to have a “gaggle” of kids which was her choice.

This is when this case had a 360-degree turn! As Erika tried to argue with the judge, she accidentally said, “She had the money to give me… She loaned… No she did not loan…” as soon as she realized she said the “L” word, she tried to quickly take it back but Judge Judy was quick to notice it immediately ends the case without a second thought. Erika clearly lost this battle because of the witty and quick-thinker Judge Judy. In just two minutes, the case ends!


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