Ellen Show Interrupted By Call From Receptionist Then Lady In Audience Realizes It’s About Her Sick Child

Ellen Show Interrupted By Call From Receptionist Then Lady In Audience Realizes It’s About Her Sick Child


The Ellen Show viewers are always looking forward for a surprise every time the show goes on air. Ellen tends to have celebrities over that usually do surprise appearances like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Channing Tatum, and so much more! Sometimes, Ellen gives her audience gifts that are way over the top. All in all, the Ellen show will always be fun, exciting, and inspiring.


Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular personalities worldwide. She is an American comedian, an actress, a producer, an LGBT activist, and a successful television host. She has made hundreds of videos go viral and one of which is an episode where she and her receptionist made viewers confused.

An Unexpected Phone Call At The Ellen Show


A 6-minute clip of The Ellen Show goes viral where it features Ellen introducing her next guest but was suddenly interrupted by a phone call. To the audience’s surprise, the person on the other end of the line is Ellen’s receptionist with an urgent message for her. The receptionist tells her that as she goes through her email, she found out that one of them is from her studio audience right at that moment.

As the receptionist reads the email, It turns out that the sender is a 30-year old breast cancer survivor. She had multiple surgeries a year before and over 5 months of chemotherapy. She recently discovered that she has another lump and would need to undergo another MRI. The sad thing is, her mom also had stage 4 cancer that year. She is a strong person, but she is also afraid. One of the things that made her smile through this difficult times is The Ellen Show.

As the camera pans out the audience, it captured a woman in white who realized that it was her email that is being shared on live television. She is Kim Jeger. She and her mom Becky was in the audience, both surprised and teary-eyed as they are called to come forward by Ellen DeGeneres herself. As Ellen interviews the women, Kim Jeger happily shared that she does not have cancer anymore and the lump is benign. It might have been a painful and scary experience, but Kim and Becky stayed strong and supported each other.

How The Ellen Show Made Cancer Experience Bearable


Both mother and daughter shared that during these tough times and while at the hospital for chemotherapy and surgeries, they always look forward on watching The Ellen Show. It made them laugh and happy despite what is happening in their lives. This made Ellen happy. It touched her knowing that she is able to help other people by making them happy.


Ellen then learned that Kim is engaged and getting married soon. As a wedding gift, Ellen gave her something old, which is an old wedding dress, something new that is an Ellen garter, something borrowed which is a bouquet of flowers, and something green that is worth $10,000 cash. What a surprise indeed!

The video has now over 2.3 million views and 10,000 likes on Youtube. Inspiring stories like these touch the hearts of the people all over the world, giving them hope and showing that fighting to live and defeating cancer is all worth it.

Battling With Cancer And Conquering It!


Cancer is one of the scariest experience that no one should ever go through. Some are not able to fight against it and win. But for Kim and Becky Jeger, they fought together. The mother and daughter shared with the world how they helped each other and battled cancer with all their might. With the help of each other and their loved ones around them, they were able to conquer it with smiles on their faces!



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