Elderly Man Approaches Nervous Teen He Sees Having Trouble Tying His Tie

Elderly Man Approaches Nervous Teen He Sees Having Trouble Tying His Tie


We know that we can learn so much from our elderly loved ones and friends. This is why whatever they recommend or suggest, it is best to listen and learn from them. But sometimes, we end up taking them for granted especially to those who think that they know a lot because of their edge in the knowledge in technology and modern life.

But this elderly man did something amazing that did not only teach one young man but ended up inspiring others too. This is when an older gentleman approached a young man and taught him how to properly do his tie.

At first, the young man was struggling with putting on his tie. This is when a woman on a red coat noticed that he’s having trouble so she approached him and asked:

“Do you know how to tie it properly?”

The young man answered, “No ma’am.”

Without thinking twice, the woman tapped her husband and told him, “Come to this side and teach this young man how to tie his tie.”

The woman did not judge her at all and the man helped without hesitation. Others may have turned a blind eye and let the man be, but this couple will not let him because they knew tha they could help. Nobody knows where the young man is going who was on his white buttoned-down shirt and black slacks. What this couple was sure of was his need to learn how to do his tie not only for today but as a lesson that he can carry with him for the rest of his life.

The bystander who was able to capture this amazing moment described the older man’s response as a “reflex.” This is simply one of the most amazing moments where one generation is reaching out to another.

The older man taught this young man the step-by-step instruction on how to properly do his tie. But instead of just leaving it at that, he made sure that the young man learned what he taught. He did not leave him on his own. Instead, he watched and waited and made sure that the young man got his instructions crystal clear.

In the end, this young man learned a very important lesson that day which he would be able to pass on to his kids or grandkids one day. It’s a simple task that most men should know, but this couple did not judge him. They did not hesitate to help him out seeing that he has been struggling.

This is a simple act of kindness that nobody would be able to forget. This amazing photo was shared online and it’s been going around the internet ever since. This is a timeless lesson that needs to be shared with everyone.

There might be times that we think we know it all, but remember, we can learn something new from other people. Do not hesitate to offer help, and do not be ashamed to accept their offer. Our elderly people have years or decades ahead of us. They know something that we might not know.

This young man surely learned something that day. Thanks to this kind couple who did not think twice about helping him, even with a very simple task.


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