Eight Siblings Hoping For A Forever Home, But Adopters Startled By News That Mom Kept Hidden

Eight Siblings Hoping For A Forever Home, But Adopters Startled By News That Mom Kept Hidden


Adopting a child takes a lot of will and strength. Taking a child in, that is not yours biologically, with a promise to love them and take care of them as your own is not an easy task, both physically and mentally. That is why there is a lot to be admired of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and their married son. The family has managed to successfully adopt nine siblings who previously had a hard time finding foster parents as they wanted to be taken in all together.

It all started when Mrs. Loryn Smith was going through her Facebook. She came across the story of the siblings on Heart Gallery, a Facebook page that is devoted to finding foster families for homeless children. She felt touched by their story and shared it. She told her husband about the children and being a devoted Christian family, they vowed to pray about it even though she thought (rather hopefully) that God would say no to it.

Apparently, God gave a firm yes. Their married son came across the same post and reached out to his mother about it. Jacob and his wife were ready to take in the children, but he was unable to accommodate all eight of them. The two families then came up with a plan where the older couple would adopt the older children, then Jacob and his wife Peggy would take in the younger siblings.

Days before the eight siblings were received in their new homes, the family got an astounding email from the adoption coordinator. The siblings’ mother had just delivered another child who would also have to be adopted along with his brothers and sisters. Any normal couple would have found this too much and given up the adoption.

However, as Loryn’s husband Thad felt, their family was called by God for a deeper purpose, more than just going to church and coming home to close doors and say The Grace. It was resolved that the little baby would be adopted by the younger couple. Therefore, the day came when nine happy children were welcomed to their new families.

As the families started to settle in, a few unforeseen problems started to manifest. For Jacob and his wife, their biggest concern was family transport. They now had four children but their car could only fit three. Jacob was a full-time college student who also had a part-time job that would not be able to raise enough money fast enough to buy a new car for his now suddenly large family.

This was the same case with the older couple, who had five children. Locally, the Promise Love Foundation came to their aid. The organization which helps families raise money for adoption came up with a strategy for a donation which would help raise enough money to help the families buy better cars to accommodate everyone.

Loryn, Thad, Jacob and Peggy’s act of pure kindness and selflessness has left all who have heard their story in sheer awe. They have taught the world that there is more to life than just the ordinary; helping those who cannot help themselves, which is the true Christian calling. As the families start new lives together, everyone is challenged to positively change the life of someone else who is unable to change it themselves.


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