Dog Runs Directly Into A House That’s Fully Engulfed In Flames

Dog Runs Directly Into A House That’s Fully Engulfed In Flames


We have always known that dogs have the capability to save lives. They are intelligent and loyal creatures which are why many people love to have them as their pets. However, not all dogs have this kind of reputation. There are some who are known for being hostile, just like pit bulls. But little did we know that pit bulls can also be gentle and kind, in their own way.

Pit bulls are intimidating and scary because of their stance and how they look. But we have to remember that we should never judge the book by its cover. Pit bulls are also loyal and brave. If you think you cannot be left alone with young children, you might think about that again after you read this story.

Sasha is a pit bull and recently, she became a hero!

Sasha was born a month after baby Masailah. The two would spend a lot of time together. In fact, they would nap and bathe together. The dog considers the baby like her sister and it seems like the feeling is mutual. Some families might be worried about letting their young children get close to a pit bull, but not Masailah’s family. Sasha has proven that she was loving and very protective of the baby. However, they just didn’t know at what lengths she can be protective of her human sister.

One evening, Masailah’s mom, Chai, had a regular night. She went to bed after she was sure that baby Maisailah is comfortably sleeping. She was tired all day so she easily fell asleep. However, she awoke to a banging noise. She knew that Sasha slept in the backyard dog house and she initially thought that their dog was just freaked out by stray animals or something. This didn’t worry her that much.

But when Sasha didn’t stop, Chair went to check on her. The moment she opened the backdoor, she immediately knew that something was not right. She could smell something burning!

She ran outside to check and she saw a plume of fire coming out of her cousin’s apartment just next door. The problem was, Chai’s house was joined to her cousin’s apartment. The burning window was just next to Masailah’s room!

So Chai turned got back to the house to get her daughter out of the room and into safety, praying that she was not too late. When she was about to reach Masailah’s room, she stopped and shocked by what she saw.

Sasha was dragging Masailah through the kitchen by her diaper!

The dog and the baby got to the door safely and just in time. The smoke would have been too much for Masailah. In fact, Chai’s cousin suffered from too much smoke inhalation but the firefighters were able to save her too before it was too late.

Later on, the firefighters revealed that Chai’s apartment was in a total wreck and thankfully, Sasha was there to save Masailah. The mom was in a mix of emotions because they lost everything that they had in that house, but she was thankful that nobody got hurt badly.

The family was so proud of Sasha for saving Masailah. She has proven once again why she deserves to be a part of this family.


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