She Doesn’t Have Any Arms But This Doesn’t Hold Her Back From Being A Super Mom (video)

She Doesn’t Have Any Arms But This Doesn’t Hold Her Back From Being A Super Mom (video)


In life, we all go through challenges. While you might think your case is the worse, when you see people whose condition is worse than yours but have been able to handle their share of problems and get through life with a smile on their face, you can’t help but draw inspiration from their story.

One of such people is an Asian woman whose story has done viral over the internet and is being praised by everyone for her strength and courage with making the best of what could have been considered a precarious situation.

This woman has no arms, but the way she has mastered taking good care of herself and her family is astounding on so many levels. a video of her was posted recently on the Facebook page “The Beautiful Things” in the video she was seen performing her daily tasks all with her feet. The way this amazing woman all the things that you might have thought would be hard for her to handle is really remarkable. She was able to zip up the jacket on her little girl, place the girl’s hair in pigtails and even feed her as well as herself. All of these she does with just her feet and nothing else.

This woman can go through all the daily tasks every woman goes through all by herself. She can apply makeup on her face, pour some milk for herself from a jog without spilling it and even opened the refrigerator and get a fruit out all by herself.

The video showed as she opened the fridge, knock over a piece of fruit and dexterously kicks it up with her foot before catching it with her neck. Don’t even attempt to do it because you will find probably fail woefully. And that’s not the only incredible thing she can do that people with both arms might find extremely difficult.

This phenomenal woman can thread a needle with just her feet. If you are still not impressed, wait till you hear that she can actually cook!! Using her feet, she can rip off the unwanted ends of vegetables, chop up the veggies with a chopping knife and mix a salad.

She can also wield a giant meat cleaver as well. Without any questions, this woman’s story is so incredible and inspirational. The way she carried on with her life despite her obvious limitation proves that everyone can overcome any obstacle on their path if they will only believe in themselves. Of course, this isn’t to say things will be easy, but if she can overcome such odds, then maybe anyone can too.

One of the 9.8 million people who has seen the video has this to say about this inspirational woman.

“Thanks a lot! I know it is not easy living but you have been through the most difficult time…as to psychologically and heart fully accept your tough condition and life. To deeply thank you very very much because you help me lifting my own spirit up and fight with everything that I think ‘difficult or tough.’ Once again… ‘Thank you.’”

It won’t be wrong to say that everyone who has seen this video feels this way too. Her life is definitely not rosy, but we are all challenged to try to get through life despite all challenges just as she does.


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