Doctors Have Warning About Shower Loofahs And You Should Throw Yours Out Right Away

Doctors Have Warning About Shower Loofahs And You Should Throw Yours Out Right Away


What do you use to shower? A bathing towel? A bath sponge? Plain soap? Well, as it turns out, whatever you use to scrub the grime off your skin when in the shower may be the difference between you contracting a skin infection or maintaining a glowing skin. According to doctors and skin experts, the best way to shower is by using plain soap. A bath towel or sponge is likely to cause you a ton of problems in the long run especially if you share it with others.

According to research, a bath sponge has pores which gather skin cells when being used to shower. These cells attract bacteria which find the sponge a perfect habitat to grow and multiply; the ideal conditions for the growth of such bacteria is moisture and warmth. When the sponge is used again, the bacteria finds its way back to the human skin where it causes a series of skin problems such as itchiness and irritation. They also initiate some skin diseases which can leave devastating effects on the skin. When two or more people share the sponge, they are very likely to contract such diseases.

Loofahs may also be the cause of the acne on your face that never goes away. You may follow all facial routines you know to the latter, using face masks and washing it as often as you can but it won’t go away. Now you know the reason why.

This also applies to towels. There are numerous complaints from women who wash their faces thoroughly, towel them and use all face-clearing creams and treatments they can put their hands on but still wake up with acne in the morning, sometimes even worse than before.

Acne has been attributed to many factors such as stress and hormones, but people rarely stop to think about the towels and bath sponges they use. When you use a towel, it accumulates oil and skin cells that may have remained on the body after your bath. The moisture, oil, cells and other dirt create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. The next time you wipe your body or face with it, you transfer a sizeable number of those to your skin, and they get to work, leaving you with an irritating skin as well as a network of pimples.

The bacteria also harbor in towels and loofahs that are used and left in moist conditions. Moisture favors the breeding of such microorganisms.

If you realize that your loofah or towel could be the cause of your skin problems, you can either sanitize it or throw it and get a new one. The second option will definitely work for you as long as you keep clean it regularly and always leave it out to dry in a place that is not full of moisture. If you opt to clean it, make sure you do it thoroughly. You can soak the loofah or towel in a mixture of one part bleach and nine parts water, then hang it out to dry in a dry place. You can also use antiseptic liquids to disinfect your towel or loofah. Additionally, sharing of such personal items is not advisable. Everyone should have their own loofah or towel to avoid transmission of skin infections.


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