Doctors Pull Out Living Creature After They Assumed Man Was Telling Lies

Doctors Pull Out Living Creature After They Assumed Man Was Telling Lies


Humans have lived with insects since the very beginning of time. We just want to keep them outdoors and not invade our home. This is why we always have insect repellants and bug sprays at home to keep them away.

Doctors get to experience different kinds of cases every single day and most of them admit that they have encountered weird ones that are too impossible to be real. One of this is what the doctors at a Vietnam hospital faced. A man came to the Hai Duong Hospital and he was complaining of ear pain. It can be caused by various reasons but what the doctors did not expect is to see a live insect living inside a man’s ear canal! As soon as the man came in, the doctors looked inside his ear canal using an endoscope.

There is a live cricket inside his ear!

The doctors decided to share a video of this very unusual case and it immediately went viral. As seen on the video, the cricket seems to be moving around the man’s ear canal. It seems like the cricket is not sure how to get out of this predicament! The doctor inserted a probe to guide the cricket out of the mans’ ears and thankfully, they were able to successfully remove the cricket!

Crickets are everywhere!

These insects have over 900 species and can be found anywhere in the world. They can either be black or brown and they have four wings. To avoid dangerous predators crickets are nocturnal and they prefer dark spaces. Crickets live in just about every conceivable home; from swamp, marshlands, to rainforests. They can also be found in mountains and deserts. If crickets live in an environment that is too moist, a fungus can begin to spread over their bodies. They lay their eggs in moist areas too!

Insects can also fly into the ear and become trapped without us knowing. There are also times that these insects like crickets can enter the ear while we are sleeping. There are instances that the insects die after entering the ear but like this case in Vietnam, it remained alive and confused on how to make its way out. In either case, insects can cause fear and discomfort even to adults.

What can you possibly do when you feel like an insect is inside your ear?

It is important that you keep calm when this happens. Do not try to remove the insect by poking it using a cotton swab or other pointed materials to probe. This may worsen the situation when you push the insect farther into your ear. It can also damage your middle ear and your eardrum. You can try to tilt your head to the side and gently shake it. NEVER hit your head. If you think that the insect is still alive and it shows no signs of coming out with a gentle head shake, you can pour a small amount of oil into the ear canal and this can possibly kill the insect.

If the insect stops moving and you think that it is dead but doesn’t come out of your ear when you gently shake your head, pour a small amount of warm water to flush it out. However if you have tried everything and you still cannot remove the insect inside your ear, call your doctor right away or visit the emergency clinic for further assistance.


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