Doctors Deliver News That Child Won’t Make It, Underestimate The Healing Power Of A Parent’s Love

Doctors Deliver News That Child Won’t Make It, Underestimate The Healing Power Of A Parent’s Love


In fairy tales, we know that a true love’s kiss can bring the princess or the prince back to life. It is a miracle and no one thought it would ever happen in real life. A parents’ love is unconditional and very strong enough to bring a huge miracle to a family and save a baby’s life.

Lee and Francesca Moore-Williams experienced this “last kiss miracle” first hand which brought their baby back from the brink of death. When their daughter Bella was only 14-months-old, they noticed that the poor girl was losing clumps of hair. They thought that it would just pass but their daughters’ condition got worse. According to her doctors, Bella had a Mitochondrial disease and it is already on the terminal stage. It came to a point when she couldn’t sit up in her chair anymore and she would just slump. She also suffered chest infections that resulted to the loss of movements in her legs.

During her interview with ‘Daily Mail’ Francesca shared, “We were told three times that it’s not looking like she was going to survive, so every day we sat at her bedside praying.”

A few days later, the doctors tried to take Bella off the ventilators so they could see if she would be able to breathe on her own but were unsuccessful. Francesca said, “The doctors didn’t want us to cling on to any hope because the signs were showing it was Mitochondrial.” She said that the doctors weren’t expecting Bella’s condition to be Biotinidase deficiency because this only affects around two people in the United Kingdom every year. Days passed by and it was traumatic for the whole family.

After a while, the family was told to say their goodbyes to Bella since the doctors felt it wouldn’t be long until she takes her final breath. Francesca said that she was just sitting there and thinking, “Why us?” Seeing her other family members cry whom she has never seen them shedding a tear before was truly heartbreaking. She said, “I’m daddy’s little girl and I’ve never seen my dad break down before and it was just heartbreaking.”

Francesca feels guilty for bringing this hurtful moment to their family members to gather and say their goodbyes to Bella. She said, “I will never, ever forget that moment where I had to say goodbye to my daughter.” They took a photo of Bella together with their 5-year-old son, Bobby. While Bella was lying in her crib, sedated, they kissed her before the ventilator was switched off. Then something unexpected happened that brought the family to believe in miracles!

About 30 minutes later, Bella showed signs of improvement. Her oxygen levels went up to 100% and she started kicking and screaming. The doctors told Francesca and Lee the news that they didn’t even think would ever happen.

Bella would survive!

Bella’s getting better now and her deficiency is being managed by the four tablets that she has to take every day for the rest of her life. The doctors did not promise the parents that Bella would be able to talk or walk but she’s currently doing and feeling great. Bella is a fighter. At a very young age she has gone through a lot but her parents and the rest of her family will continue to fight with her.


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