Doctors Are Blindsided By Birth Of Twins, Come To Find Out It’s One Of The Most Rare Births In History

Doctors Are Blindsided By Birth Of Twins, Come To Find Out It’s One Of The Most Rare Births In History


When Nicola Bailey found out that she was expecting, she was excited. Her husband and four-year-old-son were thrilled too, and they could not wait to meet the newest addition to their family. As it turned out, however, Nicola was expecting twins! The pregnant was a lot different from her previous one, and she was getting sick very often. She bore it all with the support of her family, and soon she was ready to deliver.

Things took a different turn, however, after she gave birth. The doctor took one long look at one of the twin girls and told her ‘I’m sorry.’ He found out that one of the babies had Down syndrome. This took them by surprise because the doctor had not detected the condition during her scans before birth.

While anyone would expect them to feel disappointed or even sad, their joy was not altered. Todd Bailey happily collected his wife and daughters and took them home where a celebration awaited them. These were his daughters, and no matter what they had, he would make sure that they were protected and cared for as well as they needed. The girls were therefore named Harper and Quinn, and it was Harper who had the disorder.

Harper had come in thirty-five minutes before her sister, and it was not until the doctor had a close look at her that he noticed that the baby had a chromosome disorder. They therefore ultimately expected the other twin to suffer the same, but to their surprise, the little bubbling ball of happiness was as healthy as they come.

Beside her sickness, Nicola’s water also broke earlier than it was expected to but the doctors managed to contain the situation with the use of special drugs. A week later, she could not hold the pregnancy any longer, and the twins were delivered earlier than they were expected. Lucky for them, their mom is a trained nurse who knows much about the condition and works to end the stigma that is associated with the disease.

Down syndrome is a condition that develops in babies that have a chromosomal disorder where their genetic composition includes the presence of a complete or part of the third chromosome. Such children display certain characteristics such as a lowered IQ, abnormal facial features, and underdeveloped body organs or tissues.

Since the introduction of scanning and screening, babies with the condition can be identified before birth. Typically, the pregnancy is terminated immediately, and he has been the cause of a controversy that has sparked debates worldwide. While some people believe that the children should be given a chance to live, others point out that there is no need to let the child suffer through countless medical procedures.

While human beings have two chromosomes, Down syndrome babies have three. There are no known ways that help reduce the chances, but doctors suspect that older mothers are more likely to deliver babies with the syndrome.

It is essential to know that just like little Harper, none of these people ask to be born with Down syndrome. We should, therefore, try our best and make them comfortable and important members of the society. We should also rebuke anyone that discriminates against them; it is cruel and such people should be shunned.


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