Doctor Lets Out Loud Gasp Right After Delivery, Mom Looks At Their Hands And Sees It

Doctor Lets Out Loud Gasp Right After Delivery, Mom Looks At Their Hands And Sees It


Knowing that you will soon be a father or a mother is one of the most gladdening moments any parent can ever experience. What is even better is the fact that you are to be a parent of twins. Having two cute babies in your hands, knowing that you fathered them, or that you carried them in your womb and you are to spend more beautiful times with them is way exciting.

Sarah and her husband were no exception. They tell of how they were so overjoyed; they would laugh so hard, cry, then start laughing again. They could already picture themselves with the twins. The couple was not new to parenthood; they already had a son. However, the joy of having twins was so much.

However, their happiness came with a little worry. At 19 weeks of Sarah’s pregnancy, the doctors discovered that the twins were monoamniotic, which is to say that they shared the same amniotic sac. They also share some other things like the placenta and the chorions.

The doctors explained that this kind of twinning is infrequent. They went on saying that the fact that the twins shared the same amniotic sac, their umbilical cords might get tangled and this may cause fatal complications.

The parents were now worried. They felt the kind of challenges their daughters were likely to face. The doctors admitted Sarah at Akron’s Children Hospital so that the medical staff could be closer and do regular check-ups on the babies. She spent about two months bed rest.

The time came for her delivery, which was the 33rd week of her pregnancy. The doctors took her through Cesarean section. The procedure was successful, and the parents and doctors waited eagerly. They were almost sure that due to the baby’s situation, they had to go at least one or two more procedures.

As he carried the babies up, the doctor made a sound that made the parents eager to see their kids; probably thinking the situation was worse than they had imagined.
However, that was not the case. The two little girls came out holding each other’s hands. It was a fantastic sight, and everyone who was around was amused. Nothing of the sort has ever happened, and even the doctors looked at them, surprise written all over their faces.

The doctor who was performing the procedure showed his surprise openly, “Oh my gosh! They are holding hands” he exclaimed.

The parents were beside themselves with joy. The mother says that her heart melted. Her husband on the other side could not help it; he broke into tears. According to Sarah, everyone in the room had their eyes wet. The two parents took their babies home, happier than they had been even before.

They named them Jenna and Jillian Thistlewaite. The two grew up to become cares of each other. The mother says that at the age of two, they are usually there for each other. For instance, she says that whenever one of them is sad or is crying, the other one would comfort her, hugging her and maybe rubbing her back

Just like all the twins, Jenna and Jillian share a strong bond, and the mother says that they are lucky to have each other.


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