Depressed Pet Who Lived In A Basement Has 5 Pounds Of Hair Cut Off Of His Body

Depressed Pet Who Lived In A Basement Has 5 Pounds Of Hair Cut Off Of His Body


Cats are sweet and simply adorable, which is why many people love to have them in their homes. But then, there are others who choose to abandon their cats and leave them astray. Most individuals who have them are elderly and adopt them for companionship even in their last years. However, this causes one problem. When their owner is too unwell to take care of them, no one else would.

A Persian cat named Sinbad is one of these cats. His elderly owner from Chicago became unfit to take care of him so Sinbad ended up living in a dark basement, all by himself. Because of this, his fur matted and his overall health got worse.

Luckily, one utility worker came by to work on the house where Sinbad was living and he discovered this poor cat in the basement. He immediately called the Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) to help Sinbad. The ACS took one look at him and they knew what to do first. They need to cut this massive matted hair out of him. It seems like this heavy fur is growing all over the Persian cat.

His before and after look is amazing!

After it was cut off, they learned that the fur alone weighed 5 pounds! Surely a heavyweight for a very small cat-like Sinbad.

After this initial grooming, the ACS realized that he has other problems under this matted fur. He is suffering from malnutrition and he also has an injured leg. They proceeded to fix his malnutrition and he was force-fed until his digestive system came back to normal. In no time, Sinbad is back in his old healthy self!

A staff member of Chicago’s ACS fell in love with Sinbad. He is Elliott Serrano and he decided to foster Sinbad. They instantly had a special connection. Elliott shared that at that moment when Sinbad purred and crawled onto his chest, he knew that he was going to be his full-time and permanent owner. Sinbad and Elliott are now thriving together. He said, “He has recovered very well and for a cat of nine years, after going through what he has, is very friendly and frisky.”

Elliott makes sure to share their adorable photos on Instagram to update those who knew Sinbad about his recent activities and what he has been up to these days. As seen on their pictures, these two are inseparable! Everyone can’t wait to see them spend the rest of their lives together.

Owning a pet comes with great responsibilities. We have to be aware that we are not the only ones who need them, they need us too. They rely on us to care and love them until the end of their lives. But if in any case that you feel like you are not able to care for them anymore, please find a way to rehome them. Cats like Sinbad are lucky that they were found and someone took them in and gave them the home and family that they deserve.

For sure, Sinbad is now happy with his new life, with his new human dad. Thanks to the person who found him in that dark and gloomy basement and to the Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) for helping Sinbad get back on tip-top shape.



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