A Deaf Student Asked Their Teacher To Explain What A Fart Sounds Like And Her Response Is Hilarious

A Deaf Student Asked Their Teacher To Explain What A Fart Sounds Like And Her Response Is Hilarious


Having a disability is not a curse. Teaching deaf children can be as challenging as teaching kids who have problems with their eyesight. However, one teacher has a hilarious way of explaining to her students one incident that happened in the classroom – farting!

Even with adults, farting is such a dreaded experience, especially if you are caught guilty!

A similar incident happened on a first-grade student. That day, he and his classmates learned that passing gas is VERY audible even to the hearing world. Their teacher detailed her students’ hilarious conversation and shared it online which sent every reader in crazy fits of laughter!

This post was shared by Anna Lind Thomas on Facebook.

The teacher wrote that one of her deaf students farted so loud while in class and he was surprised when all of the other students turned to look at him! The post was just a snippet of a 15-minute conversation that happened in American Sign Language among the group, “Deaf Students And I.”

The guilty kid asked, “Why are they looking at me?” His teacher replied, “Because they heard you fart.” The kid was in shock! So the teacher explained that Hearing people can hear farts. The kid was in total horror saying, “Wait, they can hear all farts?!”

So the teacher decided to make the kid and the other students in the classroom understand how this is possible. She told him that not all farts can be heard, but some of them can be audible. Then the kid asked which farts can be heard which are not. Here’s what the teacher said:

“Hmmm … you know how sometimes you can feel your butt move when you fart? A lot of those they can hear. But if your butt doesn’t move it’s more likely they didn’t hear it.”

The kid’s reaction was so hilarious. “TELL THEM TO STOP LISTENING TO MY FARTS! THAT IS NOT NICE!”

The clever teacher told him that Hearing kids can’t stop hearing farts because it just happens. The kid said, “I will stop farting then.” But the teacher was quick to explain to him that everyone farts and it is healthy to do so which is why he should not stop just because everyone would be able to hear it. He was shocked when the teacher then told him that even his mom, his dad, and everyone else farts.

This made the kid laugh hysterically. Then the kid asked, “Can hearing people see farts?” Before the teacher can answer, one of the students was quick to explain that he saw on TV that green smoke comes out people’s behind. But the teacher made them understand that this does not happen in real life. She sure is having a challenging day with these kids. She wrote, “I went to college for 8 years to have these conversations.”

Mrs. Anna was laughing hysterically with her students by the end of this conversation. These innocent kids were blown away by the fact that farts can ‘sometimes’ be loud enough for deaf people to hear.

Our body is weird that way and sadly, we can’t do anything about it!

Even these kids who have hearing problems find it hard to comprehend how on earth are they able to hear farts!


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