Daycare Workers Kills Baby While Trying To Get Her To Sleep

Daycare Workers Kills Baby While Trying To Get Her To Sleep


Parents have huge respect and trust towards day-care workers. They somehow trust that once their child is in these people’s care, they are safe and protected at all costs. However, it cannot be denied that we have already heard plenty of stories about infant and child death and accidents while under the watch of day-care staff. Though not all, there are just others that we cannot fully trust.

This is what happened to a family when they entrusted their 6-month-old baby to a 53-year0old day-care staff from Vermont. PEOPLE reports that the baby was given sedatives while she was in the day-care so that she would go to sleep.

The day-care people are paid to take of the child. Even though they are not happy with their job, at least they should have a conscience with what they do to the child. They should not resort to careless measures by providing prescription drugs to an infant. This is why the authorities are doing their best to investigate with this case.
This 53-year-old woman has been charged with suspicion on manslaughter and child cruelty for the death of Harper Rose Briar.

Harper Rose had been in the nanny’s care for only three days following her death. She passed away on the 24th of January. Her parents, Blake and Marissa Briar, dropped her at the nanny’s at-home daycare on the day that she died.

The police responded to a 911 call from the caregiver’s home. When they arrived, Harper Rose was not breathing. She was unresponsive but was immediately brought to the hospital through an ambulance. When Baby Harper arrived at the hospital, she was still not breathing. The hospital staff did everything that they could to bring her back to life, but there was nothing more than they could have done to save her.

According to the medical examinations of her body, it has been found that a sedative is present on her system. They found a drug called Diphenhydramine. This is a sedative and is NOT casually given to children, much more an infant unless ordered by a physician. And this is what they found inside baby Harper Rose’s body. The reports also pointed out that the baby died of Diphenhydramine intoxication.

Following the autopsy, the day-care staff in question was arrested. Harper Rose’s manner of death was ruled as a homicide.

A GoFundMe page was started to set up for Harper Rose’s funeral expenses on January 25. This was started by a friend of Harper’s mom and the page says:

“She (Harper Rose) was a vibrant beautiful baby girl. She was loved by so many people. Yesterday (January 24) 6 month birthday she was dropped off at daycare…Happy and healthy, smiling big like she always had. She truly was a happy baby. Her smile lit up the room. She had everyone who knew her wrapped around her finger. We were all blessed to watch her grow.”

The page further explains that everyone in the family were shocked to hear what happened to their little girl. Harper Rose left her family on her 6th month birthday.
During the hearing in court, Harper Rose’s family members and friends attended wearing pink shirts that says “Justice for Harper Rose.” Despite all the evidence that points to the accused, her lawyer pleaded Not Guilty.


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