Daughter Comes Home Past Curfew And Dad “Honor Kills” Her

Daughter Comes Home Past Curfew And Dad “Honor Kills” Her


Reyhaneh Ameri, 22, leads a ‘normal’ life in south-central Iran. She was living with her family in Kerman, the largest province in Iran. But one day, her father killed her as a form of ‘honor killing.’

According to her father, his daughter committed a serious offense and death was the only answer to save her. The reason? The beautiful Reyhaneh came home just a couple of minutes late from her curfew.

When she arrived home at 11:30 that night, her father hit her with an iron rod so brutally that her body was not able to fully recover from the injuries. As it turned out, it seemed like her dad got angry that she had been out later than expected that night. After he had beaten her with the iron bar, she was still breathing. However, her dad did not call for help. Instead, he let her suffer because of what she did for the next 24 hours. She bled to death and eventually succumbed to her injuries.

According to Reyaneh’s sister, she went to visit her parents’ house that morning at around 8:30 to 9:00 but nobody came to answer the door when she knocked. She did let herself in and what she found shocked her. The house was in chaos so she waited for her parents to return. Her father came home first but he somehow sensed his daughters’ suspicions so he ran away from the scene. Then, her mother arrived and they entered Reyhaneh’s room. This is when they discovered the poor girls’ clothes that were soaked in blood. There was also blood all across the walls.

When the police arrived at the scene, they were also able to trace blood that led to the fathers’ car. Before he could run away, the police tracked his mobile phone and they found him at a nearby village. They quickly arrested him but he denied knowing where Reyhaneh was. So the police started a rescue operation until midnight.

Eventually, the dad proudly admitted that he murdered his daughter. He took the police to where he dumped Reyhaneh’s lifeless body. It was in an open area in the city. And the police were convinced that despite the severity of the injuries that she incurred from her fathers’ brutal beating, she died just two hours before the police found her body.

The police stated that the father previously told his wife that he would kill their daughter. In fact, he even attempted to murder her back in 2017.

This is now the third honor killing in Iran in just one month. Fatemeh Barahi is one of the three women who became victims of ‘honor killing.’ The 19-year-old was beheaded by her husband after she ran away two days after their forced marriage. The husband, 23, who was also Fatemeh’ cousin turned himself in at the Valiasr Police Station in Abadan, South Western Iran while still holding the bloodied knife that killed his wife. The husband told the officers that he beheaded his wife because of her ‘infidelity.’ He said that he left her body by the Bahar 56 area next to the Bahmanshir River.

The editor of the Iran International Sadeq Saba explained that Fatemeh’s murder clearly demonstrates that there is not enough protection for women anywhere in Iran.


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