Dad’s Punishment For Son Who Refused To Obey His Teacher Is Going Viral

Dad’s Punishment For Son Who Refused To Obey His Teacher Is Going Viral


Some kids nowadays do not seem threatened by warnings from their teachers. If you are a parent, you know too well that teenagers can be very difficult to deal with. At this age, they are at a phase where they think they are not young kids anymore and they are more of an adult. However, they seem to still commit mistakes, especially at school.

Brad Howard is from Texas and he knows how difficult it is to parent a teenage boy. He never forgets to remind his son, Bradley, to do well with his studies. All this teenager has to do is listen to his dad and get away from trouble as much as possible. However, it seems like all these warnings do not really sink in.

Brad is a pastor. He has been receiving countless emails of complaints from his sons’ physics teacher. According to the complaints, Bradley is a bit too friendly in class. He is talking too much with his classmates and became a distraction in the middle of the class. Before the final straw, dad gave his son a final warning.

He shared with BuzzFeed that for some reason, he told Bradley that if they receive another call or email from his physics teacher, he will show up in school and will sit beside Bradley. His son probably thought that Brad was just kidding when he said that. No teenager would take that warning seriously. If he were talking to a toddler, that warning would definitely sink in. But for a teenager, that sounded like a joke.

Bradley had no idea at all that his dad was dead serious!

Unfortunately, they received another email from Bradley’s Physics teacher. Brad had enough of it. This is when he knew that he had to do something to put a stop to this behavior and to teach his son a lesson. And for his son to take him seriously, he had to be true to his words. He said, “My wife wakes me up and says, ‘Brad, it’s time for you to go to school.’ I thought, ‘Oh, no, what have I done?’”

While at school, Bradley thought that he was just going to have another regular class at Physics. He never thought that his dad would do what he promised. His dad was really present in his Physics class!

Bradley’s friends and classmates surely can’t stop laughing about it but he was not happy with what his dad did. His sister Molli thought that it was pretty hilarious. So she shared a selfie of her dad sitting next to her brother, (who was definitely in a bad mood!) while in class.

She shared it on Twitter with this caption:

“My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his got another call.”

Brad even thought it was funny too and tweeted back, “Just making good a promise.”

They never thought that the photo would go viral. Montel Williams of The Montel Williams Show learned about this tweet and he also responded, “This is awesome!!! One dad to another well done ;).”

Even though the family never thought that they would attract this much attention, the pastor wanted everyone to know that this was done to teach his son a lesson. And surely, his message was heard loud and clear.


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