Dad Snaps Photo One Little Girl With Horse, When He Gets Home And Looks Closer He’s Cracking Up

Dad Snaps Photo One Little Girl With Horse, When He Gets Home And Looks Closer He’s Cracking Up


Even though the digital world has taken over our lives, pictures are still treasured. When you pose for a photograph, you always want everything to be perfect; your background, your pose, and most especially your smile. If you are lucky, you will get an amazing photo that can be a remembrance of the occasion. But f you are really, really lucky, you will encounter a photobomber that will surely make your photo more special.

This is what happened to a little girl when she went on a day out with her family. Her photo turned her and the happy horse viral when it decided to make a face!

Time Magazine says that the photobomb photo was uploaded to Reddit and it made the internet laugh because of what it did. There is no additional information available about the picture but what is sure is why this became viral in an instant.

Clydesdale is a breed of draft horse. Its name is derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale which is a country in Scotland. The original breeds were small horses, but they are now the tall breeds. They are usually in bay color and they have a significant while markings because of the presence of their sabino genetics. This breed was originally used for agriculture and haulage and is still used for draught purposes up to this day.

This little girl seems to be enjoying her day, clad in her Minnie Mouse t-shirt and pink leggings. She and her family were watching the large Clydesdale horses walk in a parade. It looks like she spends the entire day with these large animals but still unsure on how to approach them. PetMD shares that the Clydesdale horses are very well known to be gentle even with humans. They have a very spirited personality and they are also intelligent creatures. She sure felt a mixture of awe and hesitation her family encourages her to pose with them. Surely, one of her family members instructed her to smile for the camera.

Little did they know that someone wants to showcase their personality!

The little girl stood before the large horse waiting for the picture to be taken by the person behind the camera. When the camera snapped, this animal decided to be the ultimate Clydesdale photobomb! The horse is grinning its heart out for the camera without the girl knowing.

This is definitely not what the girl and her family are expecting. According to Time Magazine reports, this photo was posted on Reddit in 2016 by an account that has already been deleted. There is no information whether this was the first time that this photo was posted online or if it came from The Wolf 101.5 FM. No matter who the original source of this photo is, people can’t get enough of this grinning horse.

After this picture was uploaded online, it became the best photobomb of 2016 by Buzzfeed. For sure, the family of this little girl had a great laugh with this picture as much as the rest of us. This photo tells us that these animals can also be quirky in their own adorable ways. These horses may be intimidating animals but little did we know, they also have a personality that can definitely amaze us!


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