Dad Shares Photo And Warning About One Of The Holiday’s Top-selling Toys For Kids

Dad Shares Photo And Warning About One Of The Holiday’s Top-selling Toys For Kids


Parents want their kids to be better so when the news tells us that the fidget spinners are created for children, especially those with anxiety, autism, and ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, they rush to stores where they can find these toys. At the height of its popularity, many are questioning whether these toys are safe for young children, or not. Parents have shared their horror stories about these toys hurting their children.

A father named John Harris shared on Facebook how this toy caused a terrible accident where the fidget spinner nearly blew up his son’s face!

“Fidget Spinners” are small, ball-bearing devices. The user can rotate this between his or her fingers. The momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience which is why this is intended for individuals with certain conditions. The challenge of tossing, transferring and twirling the spinners has made the entire universe go crazy over instructional YouTube videos and Harris is definitely one of them.

Harris had seen recordings on YouTube of individuals using compressed air to make the fidget spinner turn really fast. He decided to give this a shot with his son, yet soon regretted about it as the toy blew to bits and injured his child’s face. The dad shared a photograph of his son’s wounds and shared a post explaining what had occurred.

He wrote: “I know this post isn’t gonna be easy for some to look at, but I felt it necessary.”

He explained that this injury was caused by playing with a fidget spinner and compressed air spraying across it. He said that he was holding the spinner and the air hose when this happened. They had been playing with it for a while but all of a sudden the plastic on the fidget spinner exploded. He immediately rushed his son to the ER. He said that when he posted the picture, they were waiting to have stitches. “I am sharing so no one else has the same stupid idea that I had. We were lucky it missed his eyes. It could have been much worse.”

His son ended up having 30 stitches inside and around his mouth after the incident. Readers also shared their thoughts about what happened on the MommyPage’s Facebook page. One user said that even though this spinner craze is everywhere, parents should always remember that there are companies who make them really cheap. Some even have lead paint on them which can be harmful especially with infants.

Another user commented that if the spinner was used as how it was intended to be, there will not be any problems. “This accident was caused by not using the spinner the proper way, anything can be dangerous if you don’t follow instructions…” Other commenters also shared that fidget spinner are NOT toys. They are intended for people with the health conditions mentioned above and not for kids who just want to play with them, or for dads who want to try crazy tricks with the spinner.

Sometimes we have to remember that following instruction is very important. The fidget spinner may look like a harmless toy. Little did we know that it can put our lives in danger if not used accordingly.


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