Dad Records ‘Fight’ Between Puppy And Baby, Sends Internet Into Hysterics

Dad Records ‘Fight’ Between Puppy And Baby, Sends Internet Into Hysterics


We know that babies talk and they seem to have their own language. It goes the same with dogs. They are able to converse with other dogs in their own doggy language too. But have you seen a human being conversing with a dog?

Well, that is exactly what’s been making people on the internet smile these days. They can’t seem to get enough of the adorable baby and pups’ conversation!

Sophie and Wicket are both babies. Wicket is a Shorkie who loves to have a chat with Baby Sophie. And it seems like Sophie is also entertaining Wicket. She has all ears for the pup as they seem to exchange words with each other. And while they are ‘talking’ they go back and forth as if they are having a real conversation. There is no doubt that these two are having the best times. It must have been a very interesting and fun conversation between Sophie and Wicket because they are enjoying it both a lot.

The dog is very energetic while Sophie shows the same level of excitement too. While talking, Sophie would say something to Wicket with complete hand gestures while the dog pauses and listens before replying with cute barks. And when it’s his time, Wicket would bark back excitedly. For sure, whatever Wicket is hearing from Sophie is making him excited.

And when Wicket starts barking, Sophie would stop talking and would appear to listen to what the pup says with a huge smile on her face. At some point, Sophie goes on her belly and she starts to squirm happily and wiggles around. If you try to decipher what they are trying to discuss, it seems like Wichet is inviting Sophie to play a game. However, Sophie didn’t learn how to walk yet. So she just wiggles around excitedly.

And then, Wicket barked something that was probably funny because Sophie let out an adorable giggle. Yes, these are the types of conversations that we wish have subtitles too.

Shorkies are great family dogs. They can make do with tiny spaces like apartments. Shorkies is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier and a bit of poodle in their genes that’s why they are called “Shorkie.” This dog breed has been around for a decade or so. It is a new breed but many families love them. They are hypoallergenic and they don’t shed. That is why they are great for pet owners who have allergies.

Shorkies are known to be tiny bundles of joy because they are loving and fun as family pets. This dog breeds are perfect for babies too. And just like any dog, yorkies love attention. If you know how to give them lots of love and attention, they will love you back and be your loyal companion. Also, you will love yorkies because they are very low maintenance dogs. That’s why for new dog owners, yorkies are one of the best choices out there.

This video is proof that yorkies are good with babies. But it seems like little Sophie has a ‘dog whisperer’ vibe in her. For sure, she and Wicket still got a long way to go. And once Sophie is a bit bigger, she would start learning how to walk and run. And she and Wicket will have a lot of amazing time together playing and just having fun.


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