Dad Is Getting Shamed By Strangers For Name He Gave His 14th Child

Dad Is Getting Shamed By Strangers For Name He Gave His 14th Child


The Schwandts are definitely on a streak.

Back in April, Jay and Kateri Schwandt welcomed heir 14th child to the world. You would have assumed that the couple was delighted to be adding baby no. 14 to their family and they definitely were. Having another baby means that the days will be busy and it will never get boring around their house. Large families are wonderful, and this one is especially awesome because every single one of their children is a boy.

The oldest of their sons is Tyler, a 25-year-old. The youngest, the newborn Finley, is not even one yet. However, apart from being the 14th child, Finley is also special because he has a special middle name.

A lot of people were surprised with the decision of Jay and Kateri to name their son Finley Sheboygan. The decision attracted attention from quite a lot of people, and the story behind the strange middle name ended up getting into the news.

Now, you might want to start guessing what the second name means. Well, before you find out, take a minute to see some more details about tis large and amazing family.
The parents revealed how they were able to raise 14 children, and they spoke on their daily routines as they opened the doors of their home to the reporters from PEOPLE magazine.

“We feel like we’re unique parents. Obviously, very few people want to do this and very few people could do this and it’s just something we’re very comfortable with,” dad, Jay, says. “Everything we do, we do as a family and we just feel blessed that we’re able to do it.”

They reside in the “Rockford woods,” and they have been able to purchase several acres of land so that their boys can have enough room to play and develop like normal children. Their house has 6 bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

“If you’re the first person in the bathroom in the morning you’re in pretty good shape,” he says. “If we had all girls that would probably be a bigger issue!”
Some people might opine that the reason why they have so many children is that they were trying to have a girl, and it is actually not far from the truth. They actually opted to wait until the baby was born before they found out the sex.

“We’ve got all boys, so it’s what we’re used to,” Jay says. “It would’ve been nice to have a girl, but we’re super excited to have another boy. Some of the boys were hoping for a little sister, and some were rooting for another brother. I was pulling for a girl.”

Now, concerning the name, it was actually inspired by a fairy tale that Kateri used to hear from her father. The story was about a Native American chief who had a lot of boys as children, not dissimilar to the Schwandts. The chief was of the belief that his last child would be a girl, but when he was told that he was about to have yet another baby boy, he decided to name the little boy “Sheboygan,” which meant “She is a boy again”

Jay and Kateri have said that the won’t be having any more children, but we all know that they said the same thing before they had Finley


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