Crowd Is Stunned When Flash Mob Randomly Breaks Into Spine Tingling Cover Of 1960s Chart Topper

Crowd Is Stunned When Flash Mob Randomly Breaks Into Spine Tingling Cover Of 1960s Chart Topper


The crowd at the SWR1RP Hitparade 2018 in Germany were seated and fully immersed in the performance going on upstage. It was obvious they were enjoying the show; little did they know that was about to get hit by a mob but in a good way.

As the crowd looked on, a lone man suddenly started strolling leisurely down the stage. The man was obviously not part of the show. He was carrying an electric guitar and no one had an inkling who he was and what he was planning to do. The actors on stage continued with their presentations in confusion as the members of the audience were trying to make sense of the distraction. But that was just the beginning of what was to be an eventful night.

Suddenly the man began to play his guitar. Then as he played a blond haired man appeared from behind the backdrop in the stage and began to belt out with his rich, deep voice Disturbed version of “Sound of Silence” to say the crowd was stunned is being modest.

But the day was just getting started. Soon, a small group of men came out from a door along the balcony close by and joined this man in his song with a stunning harmony. As the crowd looked on Incredulously, more men began to filter in and stood alongside the seated crowd. They stood near the audience and chimed in sonorously.

The things got a little more interesting when more males from within the actual audience began to stand up and join in the singing. People were stunned as the flash mob quickly took over the festival without any warning. But the people pleasant have to admit it wasn’t an unpleasant experience. Maybe they felt uneasy and surprised at first, but all that initial apprehension and confusion gradually faded into bliss as the crowd simply relished the experience as they were serenaded by the flash mob.

‘Sound of Silence’ never sounded so good. The multipart harmony was spot on and you only need to look at the expression on the faces of every member of the audience to confirm that. It was simply priceless. It was obvious the show was fully taken over when some members of the crowd joined in and started singing along as well.

No one knew who these guys were immediately, but the sort of music they produced was simply irresistible that everyone simply had to join in if you were not too stunned to utter a word. It was later on that it was discovered that the flash mob that was just executed was by the Choir PopCHORn which is a small group of singers that had a long history which dates as far back as the year 1910.

This group was popular with public performances and organizing amazing surprises like this one was just their specialty. Take a look at the video of their incredible performance below. Even if the men’s spectacular performance does not get to you (which is almost impossible) the stunned expression on the face of the audience is enough entertainment on its own. These men are really amazing. Although we are not sure how the organizers of this event took it, am sure with such a spectacular performance they won’t really mind these men crashing into their show.


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