Crowd Moved To Tears By Father And Son Performance. Forcing Simon To Hit The “Golden Buzzer”

Crowd Moved To Tears By Father And Son Performance. Forcing Simon To Hit The “Golden Buzzer”


Britain’s Got talent released an episode on April the 28th, 2018 that revealed a fantastic scene that unfolded at the talent show Judges Audition. Everyone, including the four judges watched with their jaws dropped as Jack Goodacre, 12, performed an original family song ‘The Lucky Ones’ with his 42-year-old father, Tim Goodacre.

The father-son duo took to the stage with great confidence. They were then asked a few questions by a judge which they answered with profound humor. Young Jack even revealed that his favorite judge was Simon. He said that he liked the judge because of ‘his insults’ which he thought were funny.

The eager crowd was taken by surprise, and they watched in amazement as the two Goodacres perform their own composition, The Lucky Ones. The song was filled with so much emotion both in the message and delivery that some people (even the judges) were spotted in tears. The three-minute performance ended in a wild applaud from the crowd and the ultimate reward; the golden buzzer from the jested Simon.

Founded by Simon Cowell, Britain’s Got Talent is United Kingdom’s largest and most watched talent show after the X-Factor, also created by him. People of all ages with any talent are called to perform, closely watched by a panel of judges consisting of Cowell himself, Alesha Dixon, David Williams and Amanda Holden.

The show features a series of auditions. The first auditions are done all over the country in major cities and towns, and typically features over 50,000 performances.

The contestants who are chosen then proceed to the Judge’s audition which is where Jack and Tim Goodacre got their claim to fame. Here, the contestants from the first audition perform and are eliminated by the four judges through four little red buzzers that connect to four large Xs above the judge’s panel. Based on the number of yes or no votes, the contestants either drop out or proceed to the semi-finals which are aired live.

If the judges press the buzzers, however, it means that the performance has to end at that exact moment as it is either not good enough, uninteresting or just inappropriate.

Recently there has been introduced a golden buzzer, formerly used in a German version of the show. If a contestant performs well enough to have this buzzer pressed for them by just one judge, they proceed directly to the live semi-finals regardless of what the other judges think.

This is why it was such an exciting and happy moment for the two when Simon Cowell pressed the golden buzzer for them. The two could not hide their excitement as the stage was showered with golden confetti in one of the rarest acts ever witnessed in that particular season.

Also in the applauding crowd were two of Tim’s four children, Lily and Kimberly Goodacre. They could not hide their happiness and they embraced each other with utter joy as they watched their father and little brother receive the due credit for their touching performance.

It was one very happy moment.

The two now await the semi-finals which will be aired on live television as the show draws closer to unveiling this season’s winner. It is almost guaranteed that there will be a wide viewership as the show is a favorite not only to little Jack Goodacre but also to millions more all over the world.


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