Couple Married For 77 Years Passes Away Side By Side And Head To Heaven Together

Couple Married For 77 Years Passes Away Side By Side And Head To Heaven Together


Staying happily married is one of the challenges that every couple has to tackle. Through the years, things will change but your love for each other will always prevail. During your wedding, one of the things that you promise in the eyes of the people and in the eyes of God, that you will be together forever.

You might have grandparents or maybe you know someone who has stayed married for a long time. Raymond and Velva Breuer are one of the most inspiring couples who has stayed married for over 77 years. Unlike other couples, death did not end their love for each other. They remained not only close to each other but together when they are buried in the same coffin.

Raymond and Velva were childhood sweethearts. They went to school and they were even classmates in Dawson Township in Phelps Country. Both of them proceeded to move to the same secondary school. These two got married in 1940. Raymond was working at the Ford Motor Company in Missouri but when he retired, he moved to North Carolina. Raymond served as a minister for a long time and then also became a volunteer firefighter in North Carolina. He was also a teacher at a college and never neglected to do community work.

Raymond was the first to pass away while holding Velvas’ hand. Velva was heartbroken and she sobbed when her better half took his final breath and she ended up following him around 30 the death of her husband. The couple passed away hours from one another and both of them was put to rest in a similar coffin. Before they said goodbye to each other, Raymond was joking with one of the medical staff that he and his better half ought to be placed in the same casket when they pass away. That joke ended up being a reality!

Raymond and Velva’s son Bobby shared with Columbia Tribune that his father told the medical caretakers that if they went close to one another, that they should be buried together. Other individuals heard it so the family requested the funeral director to grant their request. Velva is a small woman and neither was his dad so it would not be a problem to fit her with Raymond in one coffin.

When the couple passed away, Raymond was 97 years old and Velva was 96. These two remained to be mentally strong even up to their final years. Their son Bobby said that Raymond and Velva were very blessed their entire lives. Like other elderly people, they may have had health issues but they won over them. Their daughter, Donna Hardin, the reason why her parents have a sharp mind is that they love to read. Both Raymond and Velva were avid readers.

Raymond and Velva were laid to rest in the same coffin, holding each other’s hands at the Oak Grove Cemetery in St. James. State Rep. Cheri Reisch of Hallsville shared that what this couple has is genuine love. When they were still alive and able to go to church, they would hold hands while at the chapel and would always sit in the first rows. Raymond and Velva never left each other’s side, even after they passed away.


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