Cops Pulls Man Over For Speeding, Drops To His Knees When He Figures Out His Real Identity

Cops Pulls Man Over For Speeding, Drops To His Knees When He Figures Out His Real Identity


Life is full of surprises and can pull one on you anytime without you seeing it coming. Ask Michael Patterson and he can tell you how unexpectedly life can throw coincidences at your face without a moment’s notice. The trooper had an interesting encounter while on patrol duty in his cop car. It was just like every other regular afternoon, nothing out of the ordinary was in the air, or so he thought until he pulled over a car for a minor traffic violation. When he discovered who was driving the car he pulled over, it was simply unbelievable, here the interesting story:

When trooper Michael Patterson pulled Matthew bailey offer from a traffic infringement, he didn’t think the driving the car he pulled over was anyone of particular importance to him, not until the two got talking. It was normal routine cop questions. But Michael soon discovered that Mr. Bailey was once a cop like him, although now retired but that wasn’t what intrigued him, it was when he discovered where Matthew Bailey was from, Piscataway which happened to be his own hometown too that his interest was piqued.

When he told the old Cop he was from Piscataway too, Matthew asked him where he grew up and when Patterson told him, their conversation got even more interesting. The young trooper had grown up on Poe place in Piscataway the same street where the old cop had delivered a baby over 27 years ago. Matthew Baily and Michael Patterson were surprised at the coincidence. Could there be a connection between them both, the odds were highly unlikely.

Matthew had only been a rookie cop then and by chance had delivered a baby on Poe Place where Michael had lived. it was a remarkable experience for him, and despite being 27 since the events of that day he could still clearly recall every tiny detail including the details about the house including the color and the style of the building. He also remembered the name of the boy which he had helped to deliver, Michael.

What are the odds right? Here was Michael, 27 years later standing right face to face with the man that had helped to deliver him as a baby. It was simply astonishing. Michael knew the story of his birth and how a cop was present and had helped in his delivery. he eagerly stretched out his hands and introduced himself. “My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me.”

Michael Patterson the little Baby Matthew Bailey had helped deliver had now grown up to become a cop himself and after spending just four years on the job, was meeting the man that delivered him under the most unlikely circumstances imaginable. He was no doubt ecstatic about the turn of events. The two exchanged information and shortly after the encounter, Michael and his mother visited Mr. Bailey and his wife to thank them once again for playing a huge part in bringing Michael to the world 27 years ago and the rest they say is history.

It was such a beautiful surprise and a wonderful coincidence, even a miracle perhaps, and Michael and Matthew Bailey will cherish for many years to come. Watch the video below to learn more about the interesting coincidence. Definitely, it’s not something you get to see every day


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