Cops Pull Over Drunk Driver, Find Three Starving Kids In The Back

Cops Pull Over Drunk Driver, Find Three Starving Kids In The Back


Police officers deal with different kinds of situations every day. Sometimes, they have to act quickly during a life and death situation. But if you ask these police officers, many of them will agree that child abuse is one of the most difficult cases that they have to deal with.

In a recent encounter in New Mexico, the situation left the officers shaken after they witnessed something that not any child deserves.

According to the Epoch Times, this incident happened in 2016. Deputies Roger Garcia and Sam Rodriguez from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department had to pull over a driver that had been seen driving erratically on a busy night while they were on patrol. They flashed their lights and blared the siren to signal the driver to pull over. And based on what they see, it was clear that the driver was intoxicated or probably high of something. And when the car stopped, they have proven that the driver was indeed intoxicated.

The man behind the wheel was 24-year-old Jeffery Salas. But it was not the driver that caught the officers’ attention. What they noticed were three children and one of them was only two-months-old. The others were two- and five-years-old. To make it worse, the deputies also found out that the kids could not recall when was the last time that they were anything. They were all hungry and weak. It was easy for the officers to tell that the kids were starving.

Deputy Roger Garcia said, “What hurt me the most is when we asked [about the last time they ate], they couldn’t remember. And they were hungry.”

So the officers immediately called for backup. They were able to remove the drunk driver from the scene without harming or scaring the small children. And they knew that they had to get something to eat for these kids. So a couple of the officers drove to the nearest McDonalds to get the older ones some food.

Deputy Rodriguez further said, “It was really hard to be professional when we had such strong opinions about the morality of the situation. We really tried to keep it together for the welfare of the kids. We tried to be happy with them and give them a secure feeling.” Now that the older kids have something to eat, the next thing for them to worry about was the one-year-old child. They needed to warm a baby bottle on a heater so that she could drink her milk. One officer used a blanket from the police car to swaddle the baby as she fed. These children were then handed over to the custody of the Children Youth and Families Department (CYF).

What a regular day for these police officers turned to be something life-changing. Just thinking about what they do for their community is enough to hail them as heroes. They know that they have a tough job but they are prepared for whatever comes their way.

That day for these brave police officers was definitely something else. It was not a regular shift for them and for sure their parenting skills were challenged that day, but they have proven that they can do more than just catch the bad guys and protect the community.


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