Cops Were Hoping Rumors Of Babysitters Weren’t True, Then They See The Footage And Hunt Them Down

Cops Were Hoping Rumors Of Babysitters Weren’t True, Then They See The Footage And Hunt Them Down


Babies can be cranky at times but parents will always have the patience when it comes to dealing with their young children. How about your family members? Are they patient enough? We trust our loved ones that they would not do anything to harm our children when we ask them to watch over our babies for just a short period of time. However, this is not what happened to a mom from Danvers. Her niece did something that outraged her and from that experience, she learned not to trust anybody again when it comes to her baby.

Having fun has its own limitations. This is what the two teens have learned when they were faced with charges after they posted a video on Snapchat where it shows that they allegedly put a baby inside a refrigerator. A mom asked her niece and her friend to watch over her 7-month old daughter so she could take a shower. Little did she know that these teenagers would do something horrible to her daughter.

It was a Monday evening in Danvers, Massachusetts and in the video, you would see that a young infant in his diaper is crying then she was placed inside a refrigerator by one of the teens who is watching over her, and they were laughing! The babies’ cries can be heard while the refrigerator door is closed. The video does not show how long they left the baby inside but the officials said that the baby is safe and she did not suffer any injuries.

The Police in Swampscott were alerted that evening according to the Essex District Attorney’s Office Spokesperson, Steve O’Connell during his interview with CNN. According to O’Connell the teens were then arrested and charged the following day with child endangerment, as well as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. It was still unclear whether these two were in custody or out on bond.

According to the mother, one of the teens is her niece, making her the baby’s cousin. She said, “I was horrified. I was in shock. I’m traumatized by that I don’t want anyone near my child anymore… I think it was all foolishness, stupidity.” She knew that her niece did not mean any harm and it was all for fun. The mom shared that she will no longer be leaving her children with her niece or her friends again.

During winter, it’s easy to get cold quickly, especially for babies. How much more when they are placed inside a refrigerator! There are plenty of injuries that even adults can get when we are exposed to cold. One of this that can be very fatal which is hypothermia. This is the abnormally low temperature of the body and this is when it loses heat faster compared to making the body warm. This is an emergency condition that can lead to unconsciousness, and death if the heat loss does not stop.

Babies have a very low tolerance to cold. What these teenagers did to this baby, police thought that it is a criminal act. This is the reason why these two juveniles were arrested right away. The mom is just happy that her baby is alive and well. She believes that her niece was not trying to abuse her daughter and they were just joking around but she was not amused by what they did. Her niece is not allowed to babysit not see her daughter anymore.


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