Cops Bust Into Hula Themed Party, Steal The Show As Soon As They Start Their Impromptu Routine

Cops Bust Into Hula Themed Party, Steal The Show As Soon As They Start Their Impromptu Routine


Like the rest of us, cops also like having their fun times. They are not always scary and mean-looking. They can also pull a good performance when they need to! When two fellow officers were called to a residence about a noise complaint, they immediately got into their police cruiser and went to the location to investigate. The officers didn’t know that this noise complaint will be the one that they would never be able to forget for the rest of their lives.

As soon as the officers arrived at the scene, it was not something that they did not expect. They immediately saw a large group of people in the front yard having some sort of a party or maybe a celebration. Porch furniture lined the front yard but the two lovely ladies dancing before them are the ones who immediately caught their attention. The family invited the hula dancers to this party to liven things up. The ladies were embellished with a traditional hula skirt and a flower in their hair as they shook their hips gracefully. These girls were obviously the star of this party and even the officers are amazed.

Hula is a Polynesian dance joined by a chant or a song. It was created in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who initially settled there. The hula dance was originally developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who were the first settlers in Hawaii. This dance dramatizes the words of the ‘oli’ or ‘mele’ in a visual dance form. During ancient Hawaii when written language still did not exist, the hula dance and its chants played an important role in keeping their history, their genealogy, mythology and also their culture alive. Through hula dancing, the Native Hawaiians believe that they were connected with their land and their gods.

The family just wanted the officers to have fun so they urged them to hit the dance floor with the young ladies and see if whether they could hula dance simply like what these ladies are doing. Nobody expected that these officers will take on the challenge! While in their uniform, they started swinging their hips from left to right with their hands on their waist like how the ladies do it but not as close to being as graceful as these hula dancers. These men may not have the dancing skills in their blood but they can definitely entertain!

They even changed places with the hula dancers as they take on the center stage! Visitors were in fits of laughter after seeing their performance. Thankfully, one of the visitors of this party was able to record this amazing showdance and it immediately caught the attention of the internet! These men sure know how to have a little bit of fun with them! Even the officers couldn’t help but laugh at themselves.

Who said cops aren’t allowed to have a ton of fun? Their job can be demanding but it doesn’t imply that they don’t let themselves be free, like every other person! After all of the stresses that our police officers have to deal with every day, they sometimes need to have a good laugh to continue on with their day, just like these two officers had.


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