Cop Saves Unadaptable Dog From Shelter, A Short Time Later Makes Blood Chilling Discovery In The Woods

Cop Saves Unadaptable Dog From Shelter, A Short Time Later Makes Blood Chilling Discovery In The Woods


Dogs need their forever homes who would be able to provide a loving and caring family for them. This is why even rescued dogs are being adopted to make sure that despite the struggles that they have been through while they were out on the streets, they would be able to have the experience of having a loving family. Some dogs, sadly, do not have this chance and they end up being put down for so many reasons.

Ruby, the dog was one of the pups who was considered “unadoptable” and was just hours away to be put down. Luckily, someone intervened and changed her fate, giving her another chance in life. If no one ever thought of stepping in and saving her from being euthanized, nobody knows what would have happened to this poor dog but one thing’s for sure, the story of Ruby would definitely be an inspiration to everyone.

Ruby was an 8-month old pup yet she already has behavioral issues which is why she was sent from one place to another. She kept getting adopted yet sent back to the shelter because of these problems. According to the behavioral specialist named Patricia who tried to work with Ruby, the dog was simply not showing any improvements in her attitude. This is why she decided to contact the Rhode Island State Trooper and see if they would be able to take her in so she wouldn’t be put down.

Officer Daniel O’Neal has been looking for a partner that is of the K-9 variety for a long time now. He was so happy to take Ruby in and immediately started the task to make her his perfect partner. She was quite difficult to manage and Daniel was definitely challenged but he never gave up on her. He knew that if he would be patient and determined to train her, she would be one of the best partners that he would ever have in his entire career.

In four months time, Ruby’s behavioral problems were corrected and she became the dog that Officer Daniel expected her to be. Everyone knew her and it became the turn of events for Ruby. She earned her police badge and became Officer O’Neal’s partner for seven years now. She led the officer in 10 missing person cases where three of those were found alive.

One of the cases happened last October, when the officer and Ruby were asked to locate a local teenager who had gone missing in the woods for 36 hours. In just a short time, Ruby was able to find the teenager who was in a very bad shape. He was face down and his head was lacerated and he had a very faint pulse. The officer radioed dispatch for rescue. However, the rescuers are not able to locate the officer, Ruby, and the victim so O’Neal instructed Ruby to start barking. The young man was rushed to the hospital and the officer directly went to the victim’s mother to tell her the good news. The victim’s mother asked him:

“Do you know of a dog named Ruby?”

The officer was taken aback but he told her that he knows Ruby and that is his K-9 partner who found her son and this caused her to cry. The mother then revealed that she was the volunteer who tried to rehabilitate Ruby when she was a puppy so she wouldn’t be put down. She was the behavioral specialist named Patricia. Ruby was the dog she saved and the furry K-9 ended up saving her son’s life.


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